the truth

When I first heard this song on the radio the artist was talking about when he and his wife had two small children and they were just so tired. I know that there are other people who are so worn out by babies waking in the middle of the night or whatnot… but for some reason when he said it my heart sighed with relief and said you too??? So it is okay that I am this tired??? Okay. What he said then meant more to me than this song.

If you are worn… listen and sigh in relief with me?



And this song… oh this song is what has been in my heart… and it has been stuck in my head since my husband made me listen to it.


what’s stuck in my head

“I need You
You keep You keep
My heart beating beating
I need You
You keep You keep
My lungs breathing
Because Your love is better than life
Better than life”

{chorus of Better Than Life by Remedy Drive}

I do not believe it was a coincidence that the first time I heard that song was yesterday, the day we heard our little boy’s heartbeat again…

God knows what I love. I love non-coincidences like this.

Beautiful You

Go to Trent Monk’s music page please and click on the song Beautiful You and listen.

It’ll make you want to take your shoes off. That’s what the DJ said last night as I was driving home with milk and sugar in the backseat. And he was right – I wanted to. And would’ve, if it weren’t for those silly gas and break pedals that needed my feet to stay flip-flopped at the moment…

I’ve tried driving barefoot before, people. Not a good thing for me to do.


This song was sung at our church this morning. It is my Story. You know, the one of finding Love, the true kind, in a Father God – a Daddy God. The God who, with His strong and beautiful and trustworthy hands, controls everything that I try to control with my own small ones.

I did not know a song existed that could so completely express it. Voices, stolen peace, attempted (and failed) perfection, lost fights with expectations, illusions… and then the inexplicable peace when I could finally breathe because I knew that Someone Else was holding it all together – had been the whole time, and that that Someone loved me.

Is there a song that tells your Story?

Control – JJ Heller

The cut is deep, but never deep enough for me
It doesn’t hurt enough to make me forget
One moment of relief is never long enough
To keep the voices in my head
From stealing my peace

Oh, control
It’s time, time to let you go

Perfection has a price
But I cannot afford to live that life
It always ends the same; a fight I never win

Oh, control
It’s time, time to let you go

I’m letting go of the illusion
I’m letting go of the confusion
I can’t carry it another step
I close my eyes and take a breath
I’m letting go, letting go

There were scars before my scars
Love written on the hands that hung the stars
Hope living in the blood that was spilled for me

Oh, control
It’s time, time to let you go…
It’s time, time to let you go

book lady

Two blocks into our walk this morning I spotted a bright pink sign that read 


Friday and Saturday, 9am-6pm

I immediately turned around to go get my wallet, and then trek back to wherever this book sale sign led, thinking of my recent fall into book-page art. Maybe I could find some old books to tear up!? (Ha, I never thought I’d ever type those words, but here I am!)

What I found instead surprised me… so naturally it ended up in my notebook … ’cause that’s what my notebook is there for – capturing moments, in word-weaving and sketching and what-ever-other-way-I-feel-inspired.

Sorry, it’s not the best picture…

I don’t even know how to describe her. She is full of life. And humor. And gratefulness. She asked about my son (who is 11 months old today!) And she talked to me as if she has known me for years. She got tears in her eyes as she told me of her husband who passed away, who called her “his bionic woman” because of all of the joint replacements, and her son who died 10 months after his father. She spoke with joy in her eyes as she remembered staying home with 5 kids, and all the baking, sewing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and mom-ing that she did, often with a book no more than a foot away (or already in her hands). She spoke of God, like He was living and breathing right there next to her… as if she knows (and she does) that she is His.

She is beauty.

I bought two books. Mostly just because I had to bring home something from her, a tangible reminder. But I’m not sure they’ll be torn up quite yet.

And I might just go back there tomorrow.

Oh, and another journal page… from just now…

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