Miscellany Monday

The snow is falling soft and slow. It finally feels like winter… and though my husband is talking of taking down the Christmas tree this week, I think my ornaments will have to just be re-purposed as {it finally feels like} winter decorations.

My husband gave me a puzzle, chocolate, candles, and a new Owl City CD {he knows me so well}… AND he took care of me all weekend while I was sick…

I have a tote of all new art supplies :)

This is just a peak at my art-play from the other day… {lyrics from Closer by Jars of Clay}

My sister-in-law gave me some fuzzy socks

My baby boy has a walker! Before we bought his walker, he pushed around chairs, coolers, laundry baskets…

I’ve never seen a child stop mid-unwrapping a present to play with it. How did we end up with such a sweet boy? I love him.

He is copying us saying everything now. My favorite is “chee!?” (cheese… string cheese is the new favorite) and “dan-dou” (thank you… which is said especially if we are the ones saying “thank you” to him for handing over something he shouldn’t have been holding in the first place).

It’s lasagna cupcake night. You should make some, too.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Oh My, Miscellany Monday

I made cinnamon scented oil this morning, to paint onto the leftovers of my pine cones. At first I mixed olive oil and ground cinnamon in a small bowl… and realized that it just smelled like olive oil. So I added water to try to dillute the olive oil smell… and then I remembered that water and oil do NOT mix. And so I added not-so-strongly-smelling vegetable oil. And mixed. And mixed. And got a cinnamon-y paste surrounded with oil…

And painted the tips of the pinecones with the oil that collected around the cinnamon paste…

And it smells lovely.

I forgot to put the {whole} chicken in the crockpot until 11:30 this morning. Last time I cooked a chicken in the crockpot, it took close to 8 hours. I was going to shred the chicken and use it in a different recipe. If it weren’t for the option of putting the crockpot on high for part of the time, my husband might not be eating until very late tonight. It’s just a day like that.

If you’re like me, and think know that maybe definitely you’re not taking the time to find space to breathe in, go here to read Emily Freeman’s post today.

Right after I read her post, I took the risk of bringing the dog out to the back, even though the baby is napping, and even though the dog dashing through the back door sometimes wakes him. Eli didn’t wake, but as soon as I stepped outside and started to breathe, I sat in a puddle of half-frozen dog pee. In my favorite jeans. That I just washed. {Like I said. A day like THAT}.

I’ll try again later. I used to be so much better at sitting still, at being quiet… pauses in conversation never bothered me… sitting alone doing nothing didn’t bother me. I thrive in quiet. And yet somehow in the past year I’ve forgotten how to. Like wildflowers that forget that they thrive on the hillsides in the Swiss Alps, trying to transplant themselves in a pot on a windowsill. Like a tree that forgets to just be a tree. I’ve forgotten.

It’s time to breathe again and remember.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

a little bit of Christmas

Oh, my Friday Sneak Peek Friends… I still can not find my camera’s battery charger! Bare with me and those ugly pictures, please… I used my phone. My dying, hard-to-find-good-lighting-for-picture-taking phone.

We don’t have any store-bought Christmas ornaments. I’m not a huge fan of them. I used to love decorating the tree when we were little… but I honestly do not think that we had any two ornaments that were the same (or at least not very many of them). Each one, to me, seemed special. I’m not certain whether each of them had a story, but I know that a lot of them did. And so, I do not buy ornaments for the sake of buying ornaments. That’s just me :)

Last year these snowflakes were the only things that were on our tree… besides candy canes. They are just toilet paper tubes cut into 1-in rings, squished, hot-glued together, painted and glittered.

This year I made these ornaments, using the tutorial from Creature Comforts Blog.

And then these pinecones, painted with white, that I found on the walk Eli and I took the other day…

We have a dozen or less of each kind of ornament on our tree… but I don’t care, because my favorite part is the lights anyway :)

I also made a mini chalkboard in a frame the other day, as a white elephant gift. The glass in the frame was broken, so I took it out, cut a piece of cardboard to fit, and painted it with chalkboard paint. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the front of it… but I DO have a picture of the back, where I made a spot for a piece of chalk :)

My own chalkboard signs have been changed…

I am trying to create a gallery wall over here… I want to change the pictures out of those frames (I do love them, but they are the only pictures I have ever had hung on that wall… and I get kinda shy about being in all three of them, even if two of them are from our wedding day…)

And as if that isn’t enough, I’ve also enlisted my husband’s help in transforming our entryway closet into a nook. Oh, he is so good to me. And patient. I’ll post more about that some other time :)


more brown paper packages {tied up with string… kind of}

I think I am having way too much fun making these gift packages.

I haven’t even made the gifts to be packaged, yet! (But I DO know what those gifts will be… good enough for now!)

This box is kinda (umm, very) plain on the outside, still…

But the inside is coming along okay. Yes, I used that Irish Blessing that I wrote on my other smaller box. The inside lid had all of the information about Diaper Genie Refills… so I painted over it in white (though some still peeks through), glued some green paper in and… it looks a little better.

After I turned this box inside out, I realized it had a bunch of ugly spots on the brown side… so it is covered with a Max & Erma’s takeout bag.

Ugh, blurry pictures… my hands are so cold, they won’t stay steady!

(yes, that used to be a kleenex box… I made a lid for it)


brown paper packages

I can’t think of any better package for a homemade gift, than a homemade box…

No, I didn’t handmake a box from scratch… I used pre-existing ones, pulled them apart and turned them inside out…

… and decorated

I still have some pretty-ing up to do on them, though. I want to add buttons, lace, more paper…
… but I told myself I’d post more “in-progress” stuff because, well, that is the art of it, isn’t it?
That first box held a pair of cute baby socks that were given to me as a shower gift. Can you tell what this next box used to be?
Oatmeal Squares :) (One of Eli’s favorites)
I glued green tissue paper to the inside back of the box, so that you didn’t see the quaker oats guy peering out at you through the heart-shaped hole in the front :) (There was that handy heart on the front of the Oatmeal Squares box, which was very convenient for cutting out a heart-shaped hole)
(I traced the heart-shaped hole on the box onto a piece of red paper and cut that heart out as well, then took a piece of a plastic baggy and hot-glued it to the back side of the paper, then hot-glued the red paper onto the box)
I’ll post finished gift box pictures soon :) Linking up with Jennifer today!