his name and joy and things I’m too small to understand

We named him Isaac


and yes, I asked Him for it, the laughter

and He gave it to me!

and also so much more

things I didn’t even think to ask for

things that I thought were impossible

and I’m too small to understand why He does what He does

and just in case I fooled you… no, it hasn’t all been easy…

but He is so good


handmade rug {for baby boy’s room}

Isaac’s room is finally starting to look like a baby’s room… maybe pictures will come soon ;)

But I have to admit something.

With Eli’s room, my main focus was to make it feel like a little boy’s room – one he could grow up in. We did that, and for him I am so glad because now he loves his room. He plays in there, reads books in there, and it has become a special hang-out-with-daddy-alone-in-the-evenings place for him.

But you see… it didn’t take long for me to realize that Eli didn’t do much in his bedroom those first, oh, twelve to fifteen months besides sleep and it took an even shorter time to realize that sleeping was the most important thing that he could do. And it also didn’t take long to realize that I was going to be spending quite a few hours in that space every day night.

So creating a place for my second baby boy has had a completely different focus. I’ve had two things in mind:
1. a sleep-inducing space for Isaac to, well, sleep in.
2. a calming, simple space for Chris and I to slow and relax in whenever we enter that room.

Right now the room is still pretty empty {besides a rocking chair, basinette and baby swing} and the wood floor is bare. My belly has been begging me, with ligament pains and braxton hicks, to slow down and so this week I’ve slowed some… and found some old yarn and bought a few new ones and dug out my crochet hooks and got started on a rug…

Obviously the circles are not connected yet, but his is just to get an idea of what it will look like.

Grays and browns and creams…

I love these colors, which is probably pretty obvious if you were to walk into my home.

We will need the rug to be quite a bit bigger than it is so far, and so I will be happily crocheting through the weekend :)
Right now the plan is to make a ton of these circles and stitch them together {which I have an idea of how I will do that to fill in all the gaps… but the process will likely be how I described in my last post ;) so I’ll tell you later how that goes}. Then I want to attach some sort of backing to it that is machine washable but will help the rug keep it’s shape, and then get a no-slip stick-to-the-floor rug thing to put underneath.

Umm, yes, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes!

If you want to know how I am making the circles go look at the tutorial here. My circles have all had between 3-10 rounds, depending on yarn thickness and how big or small I want them to be.

Linking up with Jennifer from StudioJRU for the first time in tooooo long!

some of life

I’ve been telling Chris that I had a feeling this baby was going to be bigger than Eli, and that I have a feeling he will be coming early.

We found out today that baby boy Isaac is already measuring 5lb 7oz. That means that more than half of the weight I have gained are literally all baby. At 33 weeks, his head and belly are measuring at least 35 weeks, but his legs are measuring right on time. My belly is also measuring right on time, still… which explains why my poor boy is moving constantly – he has no room!

Oh, did I mention that my awesome, wonderful husband threw a surprise birthday party for me? :)

His parents, people from our current cell group and last, Chris’ best friend since sixth grade and his wife (they drove more than 2 hours!), and a college friend whom we’ve only seen maybe twice since our wedding came. I was seriously floored. I’ve never been so surprised or felt so loved by so many people!

And my brothers came for the weekend.

And somehow that is the only picture I got of that! And it’s blurry.

And now, since my only-wants-daddy, very fussy, tantrum-throwing toddler is screaming at me for the 10th unknown reason today, I’m going to go!

what’s stuck in my head

“I need You
You keep You keep
My heart beating beating
I need You
You keep You keep
My lungs breathing
Because Your love is better than life
Better than life”

{chorus of Better Than Life by Remedy Drive}

I do not believe it was a coincidence that the first time I heard that song was yesterday, the day we heard our little boy’s heartbeat again…

God knows what I love. I love non-coincidences like this.

déja vu

So, people… I just re-read the post that I wrote when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Eli. {Don’t know who else would want to read it but me, but if you do… it is here}.

I swear I could have written every single word today. This pregnancy might have started off very very different from the last, but it is turning out to be very very similar.

26 weeks along? Check plus a couple days (that means six months! AH!)
Gained 4 pounds? Check(ish)
Feeling grumbly when I have to pick things up off the floor? Check.
Husband often kindly offering a hand to help me get up off the couch? Check.
Balloon belly? Check.
Tons of constant kicking that we can SEE? Check. (Belly belongs in an alien sci-fi movie much? Seriously it is the oddest thing ever to watch baby kicks!)

Baby room looking more baby-room-ish? Umm… not so check… but he has a basinette ready… and a mommy and a daddy and a big brother sooo what else does he really need, right? Yeah we’re getting on that room, baby Isaac, promise…

I have nothing profound to say today.


It is a rainy, lazy day. I am still in pajama pants. My little boy has been extra snugglebug-ish. I have a book and am considering chai tea and oh guess what? It’s leftover night. It can be my typical pattern to let a day like this rule me with guilt and should-do’s but I am deciding… no guilt over this lazy day.

sun-kissed and blue gems

My coffee date today.

His style is speed-dating-esque. Mommy only got a few minutes of interaction, and he flirted with everyone else in the room.
His daddy is the best date. At least he has the best to learn from :)

{I love this post by LoveFeast Table… a Coffee House Culture is something that I want to cultivate in my home}

We went to the farmer’s market yesterday and found these sunny things.
Trying to photograph a bunch of sunflowers is like trying to photograph a group of kids … you can’t get them all to sit facing the same direction.

We also found these yummy things…

And Isaac is growing. As always. {I am so bad at taking pictures of myself… either my face is screwed up into a perplexed expression, or the angle is weird, or my shirt and hair get in the way… so I gave up after about the 20th try. This is what you get.}

25 weeks

little boy heaven

Literally seconds after Eli and I pulled into the garage after getting groceries this morning, this truck pulls up right in front of our driveway to take away the tree that was cut down. Instant toddler entertainment, long enough for mommy to put away the groceries without worrying about Eli running away with a yogurt cup. Instant little boy heaven :) He stood there forever.

And then in the middle of all that, my husband’s new toy arrived (for taking down another tree in the backyard)…

More little boy heaven to be had? Either that or Eli and I will make a run for it so that I don’t lose my sanity trying to keep him entertained away from the backyard…

Isaac is pretty much constantly kicking away these days {so much for thinking he was quiet}. Eli touched my belly yesterday and said “baby” … then waved to my belly and said “hi baby.” I don’t think he really understands yet… it was mostly kind of prompted.

We have watched more Thomas the Train in the last 24 hours than I ever imagined a toddler could. And I slept more in the past 48 hours than I ever thought a mama of a toddler could.

My husband just texted me to let me know that work is letting everyone go home at 3 today.

Did you know my husband is awesome? :) He is.

It is just a good day :)

A boy who loves grape jelly

We got to see two tiny little hands {that stayed up by a cute head the entire ultrasound}, two kicking feet, a little belly, a tiny nose, and obvious evidence that…

we’re having another boy!

We are so excited! And… we already know his name. We, in fact, knew his name a year ago… and although we kept it quiet last time I am just not too sure I can do it again and so I am saying it here…

Isaac James Barney

And he has decided that he is going to start sticking straight out and that he wants to be nocturnal, and that my right side is the best for kicking {funny, ’cause Eli thought so, too}, and that he likes peanut butter and jelly. A lot. Grape jelly, which is weird, because I can not stand anything grape flavored.

But I’ll eat it for him anyway ;)


Art made quite accidentally by my little boy who always wants to be outside… {I think he stepped on the heart I’d drawn and filled in with chalk}

Art made because it was the only way I knew how to breathe today…

Art that will eventually take up enough space in my abdomen that breathing might start to feel a little funny…

Art that is still changing and growing and I don’t know what this Art will look like tomorrow or 10 years from today but I know that I will love him…


a picture post

Lavender from my mom…

Purple flowers from my sister… (our current favorite color – mine changes often haha)

daisies from my baby…

the littlest baby {at 16 weeks}

I didn’t feel like I looked very pregnant in that first one so I took another… dunno if it’s the angle or what but how can two consecutive pictures look so different???

my older baby :) the one who gave me daisies…

my new favorite Eli-hasn’t-allowed-me-to-shower-in-three-days, get-this-too-thick-half-wavy-hair-off-my-neck, I-have-a-headache-that’ll-just-be-made-worse-by-a-ponytail, I-can-only-find-my-sister’s-hair-band-and-her-hair-is-blond, it’s-just-me-and-Eli-in-the-backyard super loose braid-ish 3 second hair… don’t ask how I did it. I am no good at hair. And I’m sure you can do something much prettier and less messy!

I overdid the hyphens, I know… and I don’t care.

This is my favorite tree…

It would be perfect for a hammock underneath, don’t you think? Oh, and see the windchime? That is from our anniversary trip. It sings all day and I love it.

My tree is also pregnant :) Apples will be ready this fall… just like my baby!

The last apple blossom on the tree… (I loooove apple blossoms!)

A flower growing among the sticks and weeds in our backyard… or maybe it is a weed? I don’t know and I don’t care… it is yellow and pretty.