handmade rug {for baby boy’s room}

Isaac’s room is finally starting to look like a baby’s room… maybe pictures will come soon ;)

But I have to admit something.

With Eli’s room, my main focus was to make it feel like a little boy’s room – one he could grow up in. We did that, and for him I am so glad because now he loves his room. He plays in there, reads books in there, and it has become a special hang-out-with-daddy-alone-in-the-evenings place for him.

But you see… it didn’t take long for me to realize that Eli didn’t do much in his bedroom those first, oh, twelve to fifteen months besides sleep and it took an even shorter time to realize that sleeping was the most important thing that he could do. And it also didn’t take long to realize that I was going to be spending quite a few hours in that space every day night.

So creating a place for my second baby boy has had a completely different focus. I’ve had two things in mind:
1. a sleep-inducing space for Isaac to, well, sleep in.
2. a calming, simple space for Chris and I to slow and relax in whenever we enter that room.

Right now the room is still pretty empty {besides a rocking chair, basinette and baby swing} and the wood floor is bare. My belly has been begging me, with ligament pains and braxton hicks, to slow down and so this week I’ve slowed some… and found some old yarn and bought a few new ones and dug out my crochet hooks and got started on a rug…

Obviously the circles are not connected yet, but his is just to get an idea of what it will look like.

Grays and browns and creams…

I love these colors, which is probably pretty obvious if you were to walk into my home.

We will need the rug to be quite a bit bigger than it is so far, and so I will be happily crocheting through the weekend :)
Right now the plan is to make a ton of these circles and stitch them together {which I have an idea of how I will do that to fill in all the gaps… but the process will likely be how I described in my last post ;) so I’ll tell you later how that goes}. Then I want to attach some sort of backing to it that is machine washable but will help the rug keep it’s shape, and then get a no-slip stick-to-the-floor rug thing to put underneath.

Umm, yes, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes!

If you want to know how I am making the circles go look at the tutorial here. My circles have all had between 3-10 rounds, depending on yarn thickness and how big or small I want them to be.

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truly a “sneak peek”

… for it is not finished yet.

I think this might actually be the only time I’ve posted about a project that was halfway through… maybe. And I felt kinda silly about that at first, but oh well! As someone reminded me last week, art is the process :)

I know this picture is a little messy and cluttered, but I just had to use it, simply because I love the little hands that snuck in :)

The sock monkey hat that I had mentioned in this post is under way. I finally found a hat pattern to fit little heads that I liked here. The pattern is for a solid color hat, but that is okay. I am not experienced in switching yarn colors so I think I am just going to use slip stitches to kind of “stitch” on the sock monkey’s face. We’ll see what I decide once I actually get to that point! I tend to change my mind a lot.

… except for about how adorable this guy is :)

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*Edit: HOW did I end up spelling “sneak” as “sneek” at first? I swear that baby stole half my brain cells 10 months ago…

crocheted mushroom… feeling coming back

The other day, in the middle of completely unrelated errands, I passed a Michael’s and went in. I had a sudden urge to crochet a sock monkey hat for my little monkey boy… and the only yarn I had at home had become a surrogate litter box for my cat one day, when I forgot to clean his box out for weeks.

I immediately found the yarn I wanted but when I got home… a sock monkey hat did not appear. This little guy did:

I used the pattern here.

Lately, I’m feeling something come back that I haven’t felt in a while.

Long ago (before college) I used to sketch. I used to paint. I used to crochet. I wrote poems and sometimes I even shared them, those most intimate parts of my heart, with others.

And then I was hurt… I was criticized by someone, simply for the reason to hurt me. Their words and actions said I wasn’t up-to-par. I wasn’t good enough for them, I was selfish. I was just not good. And so I stopped. I stopped doing the things that I knew were the truest parts of me.

I’m reading Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman… and it has begun to free a part of me that had been locked up so long I thought it had died forever. The permission to create… the permission to be me and do what I was made to do, without reservation and without worry of what someone else may think of it (what they think of me), or their expectations or my own expectations, built from my imaginary ones of others.

For although I’ve created here and there for the past year or so… it has still all been done with reservation… with fear and LOTS of anxiety and the underlaying questions of “am I selfish? Am I not good?”

Oh but now I know… now I know that being good is not the question… being HIS is.