The day itself may be kept to the time of seconds ticking away on a clock, but your life doesn’t have to.

You belong to a God who is outside of time, in control of it, the Maker of it.

And so when the baby falls asleep in your arms, if you don’t have to pee and you find yourself wanting to just stare at him for a minute and feel the soft, heavy-with-sleep warmth of him, admire those long lashes and natural pouty lip that always seems to appear when he enters dreamland, do it.

Every thing else will keep.

You don’t need to rush, dear one. No, time might not stop, though you might want it to sometimes (and you might want it to rush ahead sometimes, too, and that’s okay). But you can slow the metronome that you set your life’s pace at. Ignore that ticking second hand. Choose instead to dance to the song that the days bring you, tempo changing as it does.


sun-kissed and blue gems

My coffee date today.

His style is speed-dating-esque. Mommy only got a few minutes of interaction, and he flirted with everyone else in the room.
His daddy is the best date. At least he has the best to learn from :)

{I love this post by LoveFeast Table… a Coffee House Culture is something that I want to cultivate in my home}

We went to the farmer’s market yesterday and found these sunny things.
Trying to photograph a bunch of sunflowers is like trying to photograph a group of kids … you can’t get them all to sit facing the same direction.

We also found these yummy things…

And Isaac is growing. As always. {I am so bad at taking pictures of myself… either my face is screwed up into a perplexed expression, or the angle is weird, or my shirt and hair get in the way… so I gave up after about the 20th try. This is what you get.}

25 weeks

little boy heaven

Literally seconds after Eli and I pulled into the garage after getting groceries this morning, this truck pulls up right in front of our driveway to take away the tree that was cut down. Instant toddler entertainment, long enough for mommy to put away the groceries without worrying about Eli running away with a yogurt cup. Instant little boy heaven :) He stood there forever.

And then in the middle of all that, my husband’s new toy arrived (for taking down another tree in the backyard)…

More little boy heaven to be had? Either that or Eli and I will make a run for it so that I don’t lose my sanity trying to keep him entertained away from the backyard…

Isaac is pretty much constantly kicking away these days {so much for thinking he was quiet}. Eli touched my belly yesterday and said “baby” … then waved to my belly and said “hi baby.” I don’t think he really understands yet… it was mostly kind of prompted.

We have watched more Thomas the Train in the last 24 hours than I ever imagined a toddler could. And I slept more in the past 48 hours than I ever thought a mama of a toddler could.

My husband just texted me to let me know that work is letting everyone go home at 3 today.

Did you know my husband is awesome? :) He is.

It is just a good day :)

a picture post

Lavender from my mom…

Purple flowers from my sister… (our current favorite color – mine changes often haha)

daisies from my baby…

the littlest baby {at 16 weeks}

I didn’t feel like I looked very pregnant in that first one so I took another… dunno if it’s the angle or what but how can two consecutive pictures look so different???

my older baby :) the one who gave me daisies…

my new favorite Eli-hasn’t-allowed-me-to-shower-in-three-days, get-this-too-thick-half-wavy-hair-off-my-neck, I-have-a-headache-that’ll-just-be-made-worse-by-a-ponytail, I-can-only-find-my-sister’s-hair-band-and-her-hair-is-blond, it’s-just-me-and-Eli-in-the-backyard super loose braid-ish 3 second hair… don’t ask how I did it. I am no good at hair. And I’m sure you can do something much prettier and less messy!

I overdid the hyphens, I know… and I don’t care.

This is my favorite tree…

It would be perfect for a hammock underneath, don’t you think? Oh, and see the windchime? That is from our anniversary trip. It sings all day and I love it.

My tree is also pregnant :) Apples will be ready this fall… just like my baby!

The last apple blossom on the tree… (I loooove apple blossoms!)

A flower growing among the sticks and weeds in our backyard… or maybe it is a weed? I don’t know and I don’t care… it is yellow and pretty.

Patches of the Pumpkin-y Kind

Yesterday we went on a hayride…

out to a corn maze…

which led to the actual pumpkin patch where we got to pick our own pumpkins. We found these three, all bunched together like this…

Perfect :)

(yes, my child is barefoot at the farm)

Eli saw a baby cow and, clearer than he has ever said it before, squealed “DOG!”

We told him “no, no, that is a cow. Cow says “Moo, moo”

He thought about it for a while and then said “see sat!” (Which, in Eli language, “see sat” “tee tat” and “kee kat” all mean “kitty cat”).

He puts his fingers on my neck and says “tookul-tookul-tookul-tookul-tookul” (tickle tickle).

This is his new favorite way to view the world.


I love my sweet boy.

Linking up with my name-twin this morning.

29 weeks

Yesterday baby was 29 weeks :)

Sorry in advance… this post is going to be long!

On Friday I had another appointment. The good part was getting to hear his heartbeat again :) Our baby boy is still growing and kicking and his heartbeat is still SO loud and fast! I wish they would record it for me so I could take it home with me and listen all day.

The bad part – this appointment included the glucose tolerance test. At my last appointment, I was given a bottle of Glucola to drink exactly 45 minutes before the test. I described the stuff to Chris as 10x concentrated orange soda without the carbonation. Gross :( I felt icky all day. No results ’til Wednesday, and I have no idea why – when Brian checks his bloodsugars everyday, he gets results in 2 seconds. Hmm.

I also happen to be one of the lucky people who have an Rh- bloodtype, O negative, so they also gave me a Rhogam shot. This prevents my blood from attacking my baby boy’s blood, should the two ever come in contact. So I was glad for the shot, but it was probably the thickest needle I’ve ever had stuck in me! All of this, and Chris could not come to the appointment with me :( But I survived! And celebrated by eating a yummy blueberry muffin in the parking garage before driving back home :)

We are now officially down to the every-two-weeks appointment schedule instead of every four weeks. Which means I get to hear my baby boy’s heartbeat even more often! :)

In other news…

…the past week was very crazy! And I need to brag about my husband ’cause, well, he’s awesome :) Last Monday, Chris came home with a rose :) I then proceeded to cry during our dinner of leftover chili, and I have no idea why… umm, except for the fact that there’s a little person growing in me who seems to dictate the occurrence of such unexpected emotional displays…

Last Tuesday was my birthday. Monday night, while I had to work a couple more hours, Chris “set up” my birthday. I had no idea what that meant, besides the fact that I had to sit in the office with the door closed while he did something more than wrap a present. So, Tuesday morning Chris got up early with me (I had to start work at 7am) and made breakfast :) Have I ever mentioned he makes the best ever eggs??? He does :) Then before he left for work he handed me a note, which was actually the first clue in a scavenger hunt (the more-than-wrapping that I had to sit in my office for the previous night!). I got to search for clues between grading and meeting with students during my 9 hours of working that day, and it eventually led me to a dark chocolate bar in the freezer, then to a nook case, then to a nook! :) And he took me out for ribs and ice cream :) … not at the same time of course! ‘Cause, you know, that would be silly…

Wednesday… hmmm… I do not remember Wednesday very well. Who knows???

Thursday Chris’ soccer team of 8-yr-olds had a game :) … and I had a strange craving for blueberry muffins and suddenly became the pregnant lady who makes her husband go with her to the store at strange hours of the night for randomly craved food items. Then that night… I spilled a glass of water on my laptop :( It was closed, and we went through all sorts of measures to try to make sure water wasn’t in there, but the next morning it did not turn on. I cried a lot. My laptop was my first anniversary present from Chris. Chris just says “it wasn’t going to last forever” … he thinks so much more logically than I do. He’s good for me.

Friday I had my appointment, as you already know. I think I cried most of the day over my laptop, too. Fridays are date nights… and Chris planned a perfect night, complete with gelato from this cute couple-owned place :)

Saturday I went to check on my laptop just in case and…. it turned on! I don’t know how or why, but it did! :) I am beyond thrilled! :) I then proceeded to feel silly for crying over it for about 36 hours.

Sunday was a lazy lazy day… and it was nice :)

We had Monday off, and that morning I was crabby because I woke up early and couldn’t fall back aseleep, despite trying for 2 hours. Then Chris got up, took Sky – who was being noisy – out to the living room so I could sleep more, and then he cleaned the whole kitchen! Including my least favorite parts to clean!

He is so good :) I am so blessed.

25 weeks

Baby is 25 weeks along today :) Less than a week away from 6 months!

This past weekend was a busy one!

The 6th was my mom’s birthday, the day we got our new-used car, the day of Chris’ brother’s wedding rehearsal AND just so happened to be exactly 3 years since Chris asked me to marry him :)

Chris’ brother got married on Saturday (yay!!) and we were both in the wedding. Thank goodness I got a dress a few sizes too big, and that my mom was able to find someone who would take in the top for me just 2 weeks before, because baby’s really sticking out nowadays! Although… we just realized this past weekend that there were family members who didn’t know that we’re expecting a baby… and wouldn’t have known by looking at me, unless someone told them. Really, I promise, my belly didn’t stick out that far 6 months ago :-P

At one point during the reception, Grandpa Barney called me over to him. He wanted to introduce me to his brother and his wife, whom he didn’t think I had met before. He first introduced me as Christopher’s wife, and then after a bit of poking fun at me (the good kind of fun-poking, and which I wholly expected from him) proudly said “this young lady is going to make me a Great-Grandpa again!” Grandpa’s sister-in-law glanced at me, then back to Grandpa Barney and said “oh, will she someday? That’s nice.” Grandpa looked puzzled and (I hope I didn’t laugh) I pointed to my belly and said “actually I am in the middle of doing so right now!” … and so much of the afternoon went this way, with either Chris or his dad or Grandpa sharing the news and friends’ and family members’ faces twisting into confused expressions, thankfully followed by very happy ones :)

Our baby boy is still moving around a LOT. If there is ever anything pushing against my belly even a little, he kicks it. The other night, no matter which side I laid on, baby kicked me on that side. I love the movement, though, and we can see him moving around more and more :)

The only downside lately is heartburn, I guess. I swear even cinnamon causes it, which is sad :( because I love chai tea and honey-cinnamon lattes, and adding cinnamon when I bake.

24 weeks

Yes, I skipped 23 weeks, but I have a good reason. We left on the 23rd to go to Illinois, so we could leave on the 24th for Wisconsin, to spend a week there. We got back yesterday.

Except our trip wasn’t that simple…

Long story short, my car died on 290 in Chicago, in a lot of rain, very very late at night. We thought we revived it the next day, but it died again on our test run, in an Oberweis Dairy parking lot. So we left in my brother’s truck the next day for Wisconsin, decided that God was telling us that my car was the car to go, and that it had to go now (we were going to replace Chris’ truck soon with a new-used car), RELAXED at my family’s cabin for about a week, and then drove back with my brother to Illinois, then to Ohio. He just left to go back to Illinois, and left my well tuckered-out and napping puppy dog with me (much to my delight – I’m tired too!)

We brought back tons of baby stuff from my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin, including a crib, stroller, carseat, baby bjorn, clothes, swings, tub and a couple toys!  :) Yay!

Okay, so 24 weeks…

In 2 days we have another appointment – just a check-up. I have a feeling the doctor might tell me “no more 14 hour one-way two-day car trips.” Baby went through a growth spurt last week for sure, and I have a custom-made maternity bridesmaid dress to wear for Chris’ brother’s wedding this Saturday.

Also school starts again soon… but not yet. I intend to enjoy every free day I have left to the summer.


August 5th, 2010

Baby appointment went well yesterday – still measuring right on time! We listened to baby’s heartbeat (and kicks – he doesn’t seem to like the doppler pushing against me!)

August 5th

19 weeks

First of all, Chris found out on Monday that he got a promotion! :) I am SO proud of him :)

After a few too many days of refusing to kick hard enough for me to really feel it, baby made up for it a LOT Sunday and Monday! Chris even felt baby kick for the first time :) … and worship music at church and drinking a white-chocolate caramel latte whilst watching the World Cup seems to help too :) I only seem to feel the kicks very very low lately… which explains the 4 trips to the bathroom I’ve been making in the middle of the night!

We finally got the room that will be the nursery cleared out and the carpet deep-cleaned of all kitty litter messes from Andre (thanks to my awesome brothers and mom), but Andre doesn’t seem to understand why suddenly his belongings have been shifted around. (Andre is our cat, for those of you who did not know! Don’t want you to be sitting there too confused :) Although I’d hope the kitty litter would have given it away :) ). Now just to wait to find out whether our little one is a boy or girl, and then I can start being creative!

Our next appointment is next week… :)

Simplifying Life…

So this week I began to realize that, although I LOVE having the summer off as a teacher, I feel very disorganized and along with feeling completely sore/tired/sick this week I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Laundry is never completely done, the kitchen/bathrooms only stay clean for a matter of hours, Sky sheds a thousand hairs a minute (in fact, so does Andre…), I always forget something at the grocery store…

I finally realized that part of the reason I feel so overwhelmed is simply the fact that I hadn’t purposely spent undivided time with God this week, either.

So I did this morning.

And then I dug up this thing that I used last summer, too (recreated from Linda Dillow’s Creative Counterpart)

priority planner

(This is just a pdf of the Open Office document I created… )