snuggle-bugging boy

My sweet snuggle-bugging boy is 11-months-old today

He tickle-tickles the babies in his books

(and I catch him whispering “tickle tickle” under his breath at least five times a day… I think he is practicing the melding of consonants into sound. A linguistical boy after my own heart)

He calls “Ka! Ka-aa!” for Sky when she goes outside (she hasn’t learned her new name yet)

Before I put him down for his morning nap today, he snuggled me with his head on my chest, exactly how he lived for nearly 4 months, nearly every minute of every day

He crawls to me and he headbutts my shins. He tugs on the hem of my pant legs, silently asking for my arms to hold him… and I do. And I melt.

Linking up with her today.

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4 thoughts on “snuggle-bugging boy

  1. So beautiful – I love the photo of you with your newborn on your chest. Brings back memories of my own six babies (all grown now!). Thanks for visiting me on my blog.

  2. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I hold my babies like that in the beginning so much. Just this morning Samuel wanted me to hold him, snuggle for a bit, and I just had to slow down and relish those moments. They don’t last.

    Blessings and thank you for linking up your beautiful post.

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