hello Monday

Hello little (big) boy sleeping in his big boy bed!

Hello dirt under my fingernails… goodbye weeds that have been taking over our “flower”beds for 3 years now (thank you very much, postpartum foggy exhaustedness).

Hello rosemary and basil plants.

Hello baby boy saying “Ee-yi, Ee-yi.” First word was his brothers name. Surprise? Not really. :)

Hello windows open for days. In the middle of the summer? In the middle of Ohio? Yes, and yes. It is wonderful!

Hello picture of the real state of real life… no pretty pictures for you today, sorry!


Hello homemade dressing, homemade bread, and only all-natural goat cheese and bleu cheese.

Goodbye the bottled stuff (besides for Eli and his daddy), pre-sliced bread, and, sadly, all other cheeses for me :(

Hello not caring too much.

Hello not thinking too much.

Hello paint. I’ve missed you.



I just fell in love with quinoa

I have to admit… quinoa did not look appetizing to me the first time I saw it. To me it looked like (forgive me) fish eggs.

But it kept showing up everywhere.  And then people started pairing it with things I love. Pomegranate. Spinach. Oh my.

And then I started reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist and she has a recipe for breakfast quinoa with apple chicken sausage, onion, eggs… and I just had to try it.

I have all of the ingredients in my fridge and cupboard, but that’s not what I ate today. Today, as I looked at the leftovers in my fridge I realized I had some taco mix stuff (ground turkey, seasoning, salsa, beans and corn) that was left over from Mexican stuffed peppers and taco salad. Out of peppers and lettuce, I suddenly thought about the quinoa in the pantry. Would it go…? No …. would it?

So I tried it. Yes, I ate on the couch. And yes, I ate out of the container that held my leftovers. Don’t judge. Less dishes = happy me.



Spontaneous Mexican Quinoa

The first three ingredients we’re already mixed together in my house. Feel free to swap out your favorite Mexican ingredients! I just used what I had but might add some cilantro next time. Also, I don’t deal with amounts… whatever looks good is what goes in. Sorry!

Leftover taco meat (I used turkey)
black beans
cheese (optional)
sour cream (optional … I went back for seconds. First time I used cheese. Second, sour cream. Both we’re yummy)

Cook your quinoa. Heat up leftover taco meat/beans/corn and add to cooked quinoa. Top with salsa, cheese and sour cream as you wish!

Miscellany Monday

This weekend I bought two pints of Ben & Jerry’s at the grocery store. Strawberry Cheesecake for my husband and Chunky Monkey for me. Have I ever told you how much I love banana flavored ice cream??? LOVE it! And with chocolate? Mmmm… When we lived on campus, we lived in the same dorm (building, not room, ha!), and there was a convenience store next door. They had Ben & Jerry’s pints. And we ate it too often.

Eli is literally saying a new word every single day. Yesterday it was “yes” … before that it was “pickle,” “popcorn,” “shoe,” “car,” “hello,” “up” (he finally says “up” instead of “down” when he wants to be picked up or held), “kiss” and “Micah” (one of his best friends).

He has pretend conversations on the phone. The other day it went like this “‘Ello? Frita? Ya! Ya! Bye! Bye.” I have no idea who Frita is. I think he might have actually been speaking German. And he always says “bye” twice :)

I’m going to be meeting up with a dear, dear friend this week. She and I went through our first pregnancies at the same time, but states away. Her son Raph was born a month after Eli. We haven’t seen each other since our first semester of our Senior years of college (before I moved with my husband and did student teaching long-distance), and even though I’ve never met her son, I love him as if he were a child of my heart. There couldn’t be another friend to replace her.

I suddenly only want to drink water out of straws…

Which means I share my water a lot… because someone loves straws…

He’s rocking the shorts and a jacket look today, because the sun outside was deceiving, and it was much chillier out this morning than I expected, but I was too lazy to change his entire outfit…

And yes, I put Christmas lights on the railing of our deck AFTER Christmas. We had people over to roast marshmallows, and, I dunno… I just love lights… :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh, and just in case you want to know something random about me, yesterday was my 12-year re-birthday :) 12 years from the day that I realized that God was in love with me, and wanted me to fall in love with Him, too…

Miscellany Monday

The snow is falling soft and slow. It finally feels like winter… and though my husband is talking of taking down the Christmas tree this week, I think my ornaments will have to just be re-purposed as {it finally feels like} winter decorations.

My husband gave me a puzzle, chocolate, candles, and a new Owl City CD {he knows me so well}… AND he took care of me all weekend while I was sick…

I have a tote of all new art supplies :)

This is just a peak at my art-play from the other day… {lyrics from Closer by Jars of Clay}

My sister-in-law gave me some fuzzy socks

My baby boy has a walker! Before we bought his walker, he pushed around chairs, coolers, laundry baskets…

I’ve never seen a child stop mid-unwrapping a present to play with it. How did we end up with such a sweet boy? I love him.

He is copying us saying everything now. My favorite is “chee!?” (cheese… string cheese is the new favorite) and “dan-dou” (thank you… which is said especially if we are the ones saying “thank you” to him for handing over something he shouldn’t have been holding in the first place).

It’s lasagna cupcake night. You should make some, too.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh, Miscellany Monday…

… how I look forward to you!

You give me permission to write without lines, without boxes, without categories.

The leaves on our trees finally turned colors, and then fell. This tree is grasping to only about a dozen leaves now, having let all the others fall around it in a beautiful yellow-ish carpet. And I swear that tree is just as beautiful bare as it is full of green or yellow leaves.

I was originally disappointed because the first few leaves to change on that tree turned red. I LOVE red trees! But then about a week later all the other leaves turned yellow. But you know what? The yellow took my breath away. Joyful and warm and calm. I’d step outside just to stare at it… (now if only I could find that picture I think I took…)

I love raking leaves. Eli wasn’t so much into the leaf pile, though… maybe next year.

Our church is having a Sevens game and Cupcake War soon. I had no idea what Sevens was until today, but apparently it is the most popular game nowadays. Apparently I’m not very in-the-know. Are you?

As a result of this announcement, my mind has been on cupcakes and how I can create them so that they fit into a “seven” theme all day.

My cat is still driving me crazy. He wanders and meows at night. My son sleeps through the night but I do not still because of the cat. Someone suggested a harness and leash so we could sit outside with him to satisfy his desire to be outside. So far, we’ve had two escape-artist-cat acts. I am starting to think about praying for cat-repelling snow.

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Miscellany Monday

Joining miscellany monday for the first time this morning

This happened last week :)

My baby’s got rhythm :)

We painted our bedroom this color and bought a down comforter and white duvet cover… now even though the room is still a post-painting mess, leaving that room in the morning is even harder.

(P.S. that color looks dark, but it is a perfect warm-toned gray and with enough lighting, I love it).

I heard this song on the radio last night as I went to buy 2 frostys and a large fry (dinner didn’t turn out how I wanted)… I think I love it.

Blackberry yogurt and granola. Mmm.