a new way to see

I studied Deaf Education in college. I think I mostly chose that major because of the sign language courses, and because it was the most appealing sounding degree in the only school that I received a full ride at. I struggled through Methods and Student Teaching. I was told to “take off your ballet slippers and put on your army boots with those kids!” … and I did. It stretched me. A lot.

I haven’t used my degree for much, career-wise. I taught, online, for one and a half school years. Special Education. I had one student who was deaf, and I only taught him from November – May of my first year of teaching. I quit halfway through my maternity leave (that next December) because I realized that working at home with an infant, though seemingly appealing to the pregnant me who hadn’t yet laid eyes on the tiny human who would change the way I saw my world, was not what I wanted to do.

I don’t regret studying something that I no longer have a profession in. God used my courses to mold who I am now, to communicate with Deaf people who seemed to just “show up” in my life, to make friends that I am still so close to today… and most of all, to nurture, feed, and speak to my creative soul.

My favorite class was taught by my guidance counselor. I honestly don’t even remember what the course was called. The thing I remember most vividly (besides her telling me to put on my army boots, of course) was our writer’s notebooks. I found mine just a couple weeks ago.

My writer’s notebook was my favorite assignment. We were told to find a notebook – whatever size we liked, lined or blank. I chose blank ( though I appear to be a “goody two-shoes” on the outside, I am a rebel at heart and greatly dislike the constrictions of lined paper). We were told to write – write anything. Lists, quotes, funny signs, epiphanies, thoughts, poems, funny things people say… anything.

I have decided to start a new notebook. It just so happens that I found an empty sketchbook in my nightstand a couple weeks ago as well, the exact size (maybe the exact notebook) as my Writer’s Notebook in college.

I glued pieces of pictures from magazines onto the front and doodled because I disliked the plain forest green front with the name of whoever actually fabricated my notebook. I will probably continue to add layers to the front cover as I find things that belong there. I am not quite finished with it yet, but there it is for now.

This is the first page…

I love that quote… and several others from The Chronicles of Narnia but I have a plan to use this one in something else soon. To be shared later ;)

I will probably post more pages from my new notebook in here, too. I am hoping that it will serve as inspiration, as a new way to see.


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