the truth

When I first heard this song on the radio the artist was talking about when he and his wife had two small children and they were just so tired. I know that there are other people who are so worn out by babies waking in the middle of the night or whatnot… but for some reason when he said it my heart sighed with relief and said you too??? So it is okay that I am this tired??? Okay. What he said then meant more to me than this song.

If you are worn… listen and sigh in relief with me?



And this song… oh this song is what has been in my heart… and it has been stuck in my head since my husband made me listen to it.


2 thoughts on “the truth

    • Maybe it is the type of song that unless you’ve felt that way it would be hard to feel connected to… but I admire artists who are brave enough to write and sing about things that not everyone may understand because it is enough that they’ve felt it… or that someone else might too.

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