art with my Eli

The other afternoon, I brought Eli and a canvas and a foam paintbrush out to the backyard. I squeezed some robin’s egg blue and some creamy white onto the canvas and let him go. {He quickly decided that using his hands was better :) haha!} This is what he created – with only minimal help from mommy… I only smoothed out the paint globs he left untouched :)

So today when Eli decided to nap for 3 hours {!!!} I got out a smaller paintbrush and my espresso brown…

Trees were inspired by these designs.

After nap, Eli was my helper for making sugar cookies for daddy.

He was in charge of the sugar and flour. And he did great! BUT… apparently he turned the mixer speed onto high while it was unplugged down there… and when I lifted it back to the counter and turned it on… well…

Little brother even got in on the fun…

And while Isaac is getting some camera time I figured I might as well take a 27 week shot {technically tomorrow, but oh well!}

I love my boys :)

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edible finger paint {kids and art}

Finger paint…

Definitely… make it yourself.

a little bit of flour

a little bit of water (just enough to make a paste)

a couple drops of food coloring

Definitely… let them paint in just a diaper… or a bathing suit… or something.

Definitely… do this on a tile flour… or outside… or in the tub!?

Definitely… use more paper than I did.

Definitely do NOT… leave stray finger paint on the floor for an extended period of time. Unless you want to get on your hands and knees and scrape and scrub your kitchen floor… (mine needed it anyway, what with how many flying pickles and blueberries were staining the floor already)

Definitely… join in!

Definitely… just let them paint on their bellies (I’ll be the first to admit that I painted on his belly first :) hehe)

Definitely… enjoy the mess. Encourage the mess. Art is messy! I am slowly becoming convinced that having children is designed to make mamas like myself learn that the house doesn’t really have to be that clean.

kitchen art {slow progress}

I am making slow progress on the art for the kitchen. My process seems to be kind of jump-from-one-thing-to-the-other lately {I never sit and finish one piece before moving to the next}… but that’s okay. I’m enjoying it :)

This is just an idea of how the tiles might be arranged on my wall. They are imperfect and unfinished… but I am finally letting go of the it has to be perfect standard in my head, and so enjoying the freedom in that!!

This one might be my new favorite, simple though it may be… {it is special to me, because of this day}

This tile finally has some color…

And I made some more coffee mugs…

art for the kitchen

I am creating some art to go in our kitchen. Right now there is nothing on the walls {besides chalkboard paint}, and there is a humongous blank wall above our kitchen table. {P.S. Humongous was just the word of the day on Sesame Street}.

These are all in progress… so, truly sneak peeks. They are all done on an acrylic paper, which is mod-podged to pieces of tile – leftovers from our kitchen/bathroom tile, and some from what my mom pulled up in their house… yay for repurposing!

Total I have seven pieces… but only three of them are showing up on my camera – the pencil is too light on the rest! This first one was done in oil pastels and acrylics… but I am trying to figure out whether I like the oil pastels or if I will go over it in something else…

This one is supposed to be a burlap bag of coffee beans spilled over… just in case you couldn’t tell… ’cause, you know, you probably can’t – yet. I am going to glue coffee beans to this one… and I am considering redoing the burlap bag in some actual burlap…

This one is my favorite…

The bird in the corner of that one was inspired by chickadees I saw on this artist’s blog

Linking up with my lovely artsy friends at Studio JRU!

another notebook page

It’s been a while since I’ve shared something from my notebook. To be honest, I got out of the practice of filling it for a while… but I am going to be okay with that. It served its purpose anyway. I wanted it to help me to see a little differently… to look for the things I had forgotten to look for. I think, as best I could in this phase of life, I still did that. But I didn’t write much of it down. Which was also what I’ve wanted to do…

Birds and nests and trees and things like that have been on my heart lately.

This was made with a mixture of acrylics, oil pastels, paint pens, sharpies, scrapbook paper and even a magazine page… and mod podge.

Miscellany Monday

An older friend was over last week, and she said “you have adjusted to motherhood well!” … and I laughed… because I didn’t expect being a mom to be as hard as it is {I helped raise my two youngest siblings, afterall}… and though I feel more confident in my instincts now than I did when he was a colicky newborn, I still do not always {ever?} feel well-adjusted. But dare I believe the voice of these people more than I believe my own internal voice? They see all of the things that I see, the things that whisper to me “you are not doing well” – my messy home, my un-showered head, my 1-year-old still in pajamas at 4 in the afternoon, the full sink, the cobwebbed cathedral ceiling, the permanent pile of laundry – and yet they still say those words that my heart longs to hear? I am okay.

Maybe being a good mom has nothing to do with any of those things.

Eli took two steps yesterday :) Chris and I looked at each other over his head and smiled and laughed. I do not think that Eli even knows what he did.

He is “talking” :)

This is Eli and one of his best friends. Poor friend fell asleep on the car-ride on the way to our house for a playdate… he had been teething and not sleeping. Eli understands. But not enough to not wake him up to play.

I want to paint all of the white-but-not-white walls in our house. They are bothering me. I love this color pallet… the dark blue is similar to the blue on two of our walls in our living room.

I just got dinner in the crockpot. Now I am hungry.

And I really, really, really want to make these… fingerprint jewelry and birdnest necklaces tutorials by Sarah Ortega

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a little bit of Christmas

Oh, my Friday Sneak Peek Friends… I still can not find my camera’s battery charger! Bare with me and those ugly pictures, please… I used my phone. My dying, hard-to-find-good-lighting-for-picture-taking phone.

We don’t have any store-bought Christmas ornaments. I’m not a huge fan of them. I used to love decorating the tree when we were little… but I honestly do not think that we had any two ornaments that were the same (or at least not very many of them). Each one, to me, seemed special. I’m not certain whether each of them had a story, but I know that a lot of them did. And so, I do not buy ornaments for the sake of buying ornaments. That’s just me :)

Last year these snowflakes were the only things that were on our tree… besides candy canes. They are just toilet paper tubes cut into 1-in rings, squished, hot-glued together, painted and glittered.

This year I made these ornaments, using the tutorial from Creature Comforts Blog.

And then these pinecones, painted with white, that I found on the walk Eli and I took the other day…

We have a dozen or less of each kind of ornament on our tree… but I don’t care, because my favorite part is the lights anyway :)

I also made a mini chalkboard in a frame the other day, as a white elephant gift. The glass in the frame was broken, so I took it out, cut a piece of cardboard to fit, and painted it with chalkboard paint. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the front of it… but I DO have a picture of the back, where I made a spot for a piece of chalk :)

My own chalkboard signs have been changed…

I am trying to create a gallery wall over here… I want to change the pictures out of those frames (I do love them, but they are the only pictures I have ever had hung on that wall… and I get kinda shy about being in all three of them, even if two of them are from our wedding day…)

And as if that isn’t enough, I’ve also enlisted my husband’s help in transforming our entryway closet into a nook. Oh, he is so good to me. And patient. I’ll post more about that some other time :)


Miscellany Monday

Joining miscellany monday for the first time this morning

This happened last week :)

My baby’s got rhythm :)

We painted our bedroom this color and bought a down comforter and white duvet cover… now even though the room is still a post-painting mess, leaving that room in the morning is even harder.

(P.S. that color looks dark, but it is a perfect warm-toned gray and with enough lighting, I love it).

I heard this song on the radio last night as I went to buy 2 frostys and a large fry (dinner didn’t turn out how I wanted)… I think I love it.

Blackberry yogurt and granola. Mmm.

chalkboard paint obsession strikes again

My husband is so good to me, letting me use our home as my canvas :)

Now, along with my chalkboard fridge and chalkboard/whiteboard boards, I now have a chalkboard backsplash! I got the idea from this lovely blogger, here and was simply awestruck by a simple and genius alternative to tile (which I had spent a LOT of time thinking about since before baby boy was born, but never got the guts to start the process).

I love it :)

I used 3 coats of Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.

please excuse my unclean stove-top

…and cluttered shelf…

more chalk(bored)ness

Just to clarify, I’m not bored as in I have nothing to do… more just bored with sameness… more just itching to do something different, something creative, something like take our whiteboards and paint the boring brown backsides of them with chalkboard paint :)

So when we aren’t using our whiteboards for large games of Pictionary…

I can use them for this:

(So our whiteboards weren’t ruined, I used those sticky picture hanging thingys on the back of the whiteboards, and hung the board with a ribbon by a nail in the wall).

To see my first adventure with chalkboard paint, see my Chalkboard Fridge :)