book lady

Two blocks into our walk this morning I spotted a bright pink sign that read 


Friday and Saturday, 9am-6pm

I immediately turned around to go get my wallet, and then trek back to wherever this book sale sign led, thinking of my recent fall into book-page art. Maybe I could find some old books to tear up!? (Ha, I never thought I’d ever type those words, but here I am!)

What I found instead surprised me… so naturally it ended up in my notebook … ’cause that’s what my notebook is there for – capturing moments, in word-weaving and sketching and what-ever-other-way-I-feel-inspired.

Sorry, it’s not the best picture…

I don’t even know how to describe her. She is full of life. And humor. And gratefulness. She asked about my son (who is 11 months old today!) And she talked to me as if she has known me for years. She got tears in her eyes as she told me of her husband who passed away, who called her “his bionic woman” because of all of the joint replacements, and her son who died 10 months after his father. She spoke with joy in her eyes as she remembered staying home with 5 kids, and all the baking, sewing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and mom-ing that she did, often with a book no more than a foot away (or already in her hands). She spoke of God, like He was living and breathing right there next to her… as if she knows (and she does) that she is His.

She is beauty.

I bought two books. Mostly just because I had to bring home something from her, a tangible reminder. But I’m not sure they’ll be torn up quite yet.

And I might just go back there tomorrow.

Oh, and another journal page… from just now…

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7 thoughts on “book lady

  1. Sounds like a lady well worth knowing… :o) Bionic woman – I love that….. sweet.

    I love your journal page. I have always wanted to do an art journal consistently, but I never seem to stick to it. I may have to try again….

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely lady, I’ve just come back from visiting my grandmother in hospital and there were some amazing women on her ward, all with horrid stories to tell as to why they were there but smiles on their faces as we chatted. So beautiful. This post has put another smile on my face today, thanks for posting your lovely pages, Jenny x

  3. Oh what a gift. Finding someone like this in the world, that shares HIS love and knows she is HIS. What a gift to have her in your path. What a sweet gift. I love that you journaled your encounter with her. I hope you see her again! :) Thank you for sharing!!

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