Five Minute Friday {Last}

I read the prompt for Five Minutes Friday this morning but haven’t yet time to write until just now. My tired brain just doesn’t know which angle to approach this word from.

Right now I am hoping I can make my tall skim white chocolate mocha last as long as possible.

And although I am having one of those days that just kind of makes me long for the far-off day when my husband and I can leave the kids at home by themselves and just go out for a coffee date… I am kind of glad that I haven’t had my last hold-the-baby-to-sleep moment, or last middle of the day coffee date with my baby boys.

And I had to pause in the middle of writing, could have sworn I’d felt my last heartbeat as I heard the 10-month-old open the door to the basement stairs and thump thump his little hands towards the top of that first step.

Oh my gosh.

Not the last indeed. And not the last time that I am having to get up because he is now splashing in the dog’s water bowl.

I could be all profound and talk about how the only things that will last will be the memories and the love that causes the increasing number of gray hairs on my too-young-for-grey head but…

I just don’t have that in me right now. Not to express in words too eloquently

Five Minute Friday


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Last}

  1. I’m really relating to your words! I had a “last heartbeat” moment a few days ago involving my 14 month old and a tall chair. They’re the worst. I’m visiting from FMF; participating for the very first time today!

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