Five Minute Friday {Small}

Want to join me and the other Five Minute Friday-ers? Go here. And I didn’t even pause to correct my typos so much this time ;) … yes, I have typos, and yes, it is driving me a little crazy… but this one I just needed to get out anyway…


It’s happened twice now in the past couple months.

When someone passes and even though you weren’t there and you weren’t incredibly close, that moment when you know it’s as if…. as if when heaven opened up to receive them the small part of your souls that we’re intertwined feels it. The closeness of that space that separates the earthly from the eternal. Like when you close your eyes after seeing something bright and the shadow of it is still there in that black.

It all makes me feel small. The remembrance that we are spiritual beings in these bruised bodies. And the sharing of small memories and thwhen you are at the gravesite and you see a tombstone for someone’s baby, two months old…

And then you go to Panera, and while you’re waiting for your comfort food the sweet cashier who knows nothing about your week slips a free pastry into the to-go bag and she sneaks to the back before you can say thank you and you walk out to the car wondering why, and get in the car and all the tears just fall. And your husband says God wants us to know He’s taking care of us.

This is feeling small.

Five Minute Friday


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Small}

  1. This is so touching – the way we are loved by a loving Father is miraculous.
    Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet words. You made my day!

  2. While not the same as what I wrote, I also reflected on the passing of life. Sometimes it takes those times to remember the shortness of our lives in eternity and that each of us has been crafted for a plan and purpose and have been given life as a gift here on earth.
    ‘God just wants us to know he’s taking care of us’…those God blessing moments are so overwhelming and yet so soul deep aren’t they friend. So glad you joined FMF again this week

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