A little embarrassed to admit…

I joined the make-art-out-of-paint-chips train.

Ugh. The rebel in me cringes! I feel so cookie cutter! Bleh!

But when your free-money budget is dwindling and you don’t have any scrapbook paper that’s the right color for your baby-to-be-born’s room… well, maybe it’s okay…



Also, I think I need to invest in some non-glossy mod podge… the glare of the glossy stuff is kind of driving me insane here! But you can only see it in certain lights so I’ll live with it for this piece.

Just in case it’s not self-explanatory enough…

1. Find colors you like.
2. cut a ton of leaves
3. cut a trunk
4. arrange on canvas without glue to determine whether you have enough leaves or want more
5. cut more leaves
6. TAKE A PICTURE if you like where your leaves are positioned so you can glue them down that way! Otherwise you will be frustrated (ahem, like me) later when it doesn’t turn out like you originally had them laid out… also this will reduce the amount of mod-podge or glue that dries all glossy-like where leaves are not because you will not have to move them around so much… (should have done this step…insert pouty face here)
7. remove pieces
8. glue down trunk
9. glue down leaves



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