oversized polaroids {wall art}

Scrapbook page refills…

… plus a sharpie …

… plus some 8 x 10 pictures …

I think I am becoming obsessed with oversized art!

Oversized Scrabble Letters

Oversized Cribbage Board



5 thoughts on “oversized polaroids {wall art}

  1. these would make an awesome collage if you could get ones of different sizes. maybe you could mount then in groups according to different seasonal events? lovely idea and lovely post, never seen this before, thanks :)

    • AH! I LOVE the idea of making a collage of different sized ones! My living room walls are so huge, I was thinking even oversized polaroids look so tiny on it! Ha! That would totally fix my problem, thank you!! :)

      P.S. my plan is to switch them out with the seasons and keep them in a scrapbook… since the background is scrapbook fillers anyway ;)

      • that is so cool!! i would love to have the space for a real statement, creative piece in my living room like that :) and it’s so personal so it’ll feel more homely than something generic and ship bought :)

        i’m currently doing up my bedroom, but I would like it to be a little dynamic, with stencils and creative things on the wall because it’s also now my work space. i wanted some photos to go in the corner and i was thinking of a collage – thanks to you i know it works! thanks! ;D

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