sweatpants pillow cover tutorial-ish

I am really bad at tutorials.

Almost everything that I do creatively, I make up as I go along. And I mess up, and stop, and change, and undo, and redo, and make up some more, and usually end up with something slightly (or majorly) different than what I originally intended to do but like better.

That process makes it nearly impossible to take pictures of the process or to explain it all and type it all up into a pretty tutorial-style package.

Thus… my sweatpants pillow cover tutorial-ish… thing.

First, pull out those sweatpants that are too itchy/big/small or just plain uncomfortable. Sweatpants should not be uncomfortable. If you have some of those, go buy some new comfiest-ever sweatpants, bring your old sweatpants back to the computer with your favorite hot drink and some scissors and follow me:

Lay your sweats on the floor. Cut along the seams on the insides of the legs. If you are wondering which side of the seam to cut on, just do it by feel – whichever way the seam seems to lie naturally, leave it there. Make sense? If not just make sure you don’t cut through the seam – leave it on one side of the scissors as you cut!

Awesome :) But do both legs! And then cut straight up the front up to the waistband but not through it!

Then cut off the waist band – I cut right below the seam so that the waistband kept it’s shape, in case I ever wanted to use it for something.

If your sweats have an annoying something-or-other sewn/ironed/emblazoned onto the rear end… cut it out. I cut along the outside edge of the legs/hips, just before the seams. You can cut off less than I did, it really depends on the style of your sweats!

Now if you lay out all of your pieces you should have:
– a waistband
– the cut-out butt
– two legs, each cut open on the inside seam

The next part really depends on what kind of pillow you are trying to cover! I covered a square one, so I laid the pillow over one of the sweatpant legs, and cut the leg into pieces that were the same height as my pillow (not the same width! The fabric wasn’t wide enough for that with my pillow!)

Just cut the legs into several pieces as rectangular-ly as possible, then piece them together to fit around your pillow and sew with the right sides facing! (You can make the fuzzy part – inside – of your sweatpants the right side if you want!) Yes, I am assuming that you have basic sewing/stich witchery and tanagram skills. Unless your pieces happen to be the exact size and shape as each side of the pillow that you are covering, no it will not look perfect – but that wasn’t my goal. I wanted it to look cozy. The less perfect – the more seams – the better.

You can sew a patch or two on the front – to disguise old stains or rips or just to add something…

Yes, the pillow next to it is trying on a sweater so that I can figure out if I want to make a sweater pillow cover, too…

I wanted my pillow cover to be removable so I made sure that the fabric would overlap a bit after wrapped around the pillow, and made it into an envelope-style pillow cover. Again, I am not good at tutorials and did not make one for you BUT I would highly recommend this one!


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