some of life

I’ve been telling Chris that I had a feeling this baby was going to be bigger than Eli, and that I have a feeling he will be coming early.

We found out today that baby boy Isaac is already measuring 5lb 7oz. That means that more than half of the weight I have gained are literally all baby. At 33 weeks, his head and belly are measuring at least 35 weeks, but his legs are measuring right on time. My belly is also measuring right on time, still… which explains why my poor boy is moving constantly – he has no room!

Oh, did I mention that my awesome, wonderful husband threw a surprise birthday party for me? :)

His parents, people from our current cell group and last, Chris’ best friend since sixth grade and his wife (they drove more than 2 hours!), and a college friend whom we’ve only seen maybe twice since our wedding came. I was seriously floored. I’ve never been so surprised or felt so loved by so many people!

And my brothers came for the weekend.

And somehow that is the only picture I got of that! And it’s blurry.

And now, since my only-wants-daddy, very fussy, tantrum-throwing toddler is screaming at me for the 10th unknown reason today, I’m going to go!


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