My little boy…

who counts “one, two, five…” and sometimes “five, sick, seben, eight, nine, ten!”

who, in evenings and weekends, only wants to hold his daddy’s hand, only wants daddy to put him to bed, only wants daddy to carry him, and when I was the one to wake up with him on Sunday said “daddy… comin’… soon?” as we walked out into the living room together.


who loves loves LOVES his daddy

who loves chocolate… and even learned how to say brownie just so he could get “mo’ brownie?” the other night at dinner.

whose favorite TV show is Shaun the Sheep

who, when he wants to tell me something, repeats “mama, mama, mama” until he has my complete attention.

who loves trucks and trains and cars

who says “so’y” (sorry) ALL the time for completely unknown reasons, and sometimes to himself when he drops something or bumps into something, in which case it’s “so’y … it’s okay”

who is awesome at puzzles

who gives me hugs and kisses

who calls for things when he’s looking for them, such as blankie (“bankie”), or pacifier (“fow”), or sippy cup (“ki’ cup)”; like this: “Bankie, whe’ aaaawww-ouuuuu? BAAAANNN-kieeee? Ban-KIE-eeeeeee?” And when he finds whatever he is looking for? “Bankie! Mmmm” (as he hugs it close) and sometimes ” ‘ere ‘e is!” (there he is).

who has recently decided that not only are utensils unnecessary, but who needs to eat with his hands?


who repeats every word we say

who loves his dog, and always remembers to tell her she’s a “good girl”


LOVES his dog

who now says things like “be yight (right) back” and “sleepin’?” and “ready a go!” and “ready, set, GO!”  and “wanna daw?” (want to draw) and sings funny little versions of “Wheels on the Bus” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and everytime I drop something – “okay?” and SOOO much more!

who sits on his daddy’s back and rubs as he says “yub yub yub”

who, every time he is given a piece of paper and something to write with, says “E, L, I!”

who points to words and spouts off random letters {not the correct ones} that I didn’t even know he knew

who always wants to sit with a blanket over his legs


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