déja vu

So, people… I just re-read the post that I wrote when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Eli. {Don’t know who else would want to read it but me, but if you do… it is here}.

I swear I could have written every single word today. This pregnancy might have started off very very different from the last, but it is turning out to be very very similar.

26 weeks along? Check plus a couple days (that means six months! AH!)
Gained 4 pounds? Check(ish)
Feeling grumbly when I have to pick things up off the floor? Check.
Husband often kindly offering a hand to help me get up off the couch? Check.
Balloon belly? Check.
Tons of constant kicking that we can SEE? Check. (Belly belongs in an alien sci-fi movie much? Seriously it is the oddest thing ever to watch baby kicks!)

Baby room looking more baby-room-ish? Umm… not so check… but he has a basinette ready… and a mommy and a daddy and a big brother sooo what else does he really need, right? Yeah we’re getting on that room, baby Isaac, promise…

I have nothing profound to say today.


It is a rainy, lazy day. I am still in pajama pants. My little boy has been extra snugglebug-ish. I have a book and am considering chai tea and oh guess what? It’s leftover night. It can be my typical pattern to let a day like this rule me with guilt and should-do’s but I am deciding… no guilt over this lazy day.


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