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We were very lucky to find a house that had a beautifully finished basement… and now that our second baby boy is just three months away from arriving (ummm… hmmm…), we are in the process of cleaning up his room and also cleaning up the basement as another play area for big brother Eli on those Eli-wants-to-show-off-how-loud-he-can-be days. And also just because it would be nice to move some of the toys downstairs so that mommy can ignore the mess easier feel less cluttered and toy-claustrophobic upstairs.

If I am going to make the basement into another play area for Eli, I might as well make it so that I like being down there, too, right? And so the board game art…

This monstrous cribbage board was a Christmas present from Chris’ parents a few years ago, and I finally realized that it was very easy to hang, and we just so happened to have two nails in the wall downstairs that were the exact distance apart as the cribbage board was wide.

A while back I made these oversized scrabble letters … okay, I lied – I started making these oversized scrabble letters, but really, how you see them in the picture is exactly how they stayed until, oh, Monday. You see, I messed up, one of the letters got a little messy, and then I got busy with the online art class I was taking and those scrabble letters just sat there on my desk, making me feel guilty every time I passed them. But I just didn’t feel like finishing them. And so I didn’t. Until I realized that they would fit much better downstairs instead of in my nook, and then I got excited again.

Sometimes you just have to let the art sit. Slow cook. If I’m not excited about it, if it isn’t speaking to me anymore… doesn’t that take away some of the point?

Anyway… here they are now…

They’re imperfect. I went over the black paint (on the two letters I had painted) with brown, then did the other two letters in just brown, and the letter O is slightly lighter than the rest but, I don’t care! I like them that way. I just need my awesome husband to help me hang them :)

And the last, most recent piece… the one that I am totally unsure about but it’s hanging out on the basement wall for now anyway, is this one.

Yes, those are real mini playing cards. You see, Eli got ahold of these one day a long while back and bent a few and ate the box and so we just let him keep them. They’ve been hanging out in the drawer of our TV stand for months, if not a year already, which was okay because it is at Eli’s level and only Eli-safe things can go in there anyway. But, whenever Eli’s friend comes over, he goes straight to that drawer and next thing I know I am cleaning up little playing cards that have been scattered all over the living room. And my belly won’t let me bend over comfortably anymore… I have purposely changed some things recently just so I don’t have to bend over. And so one of those things was to get rid of those cards. And they were just about to go in the garbage can when I realized hey… those could be art. Why not?

So they got stuck to an extra 12 x 12 canvas I had lying around. ModPodged. And I am still playing with the idea of spreading some Gesso down in the middle and painting some words over that but for now it just is as it is…

Have you ever seen those crafty people who take board games and frame them without glass, and then attach all the game pieces to the underside of the game and hang it??? Really neat… but I don’t have the energy to go search out a frame that exactly matches the size and shape of Monopoly or Pictionary, nor do I have the funds to have them custom-made… but I’m kind of liking this home-made stuff anyway :)



3 thoughts on “board game art

  1. Okay, I love your idea and have a little suggestion. Feel free to roll your eyes at me! Anyhow, seeing this great art you did with the playing cards. It makes me thing of a valentines project I saw and I think you could spin off it. They used a deck of cards and said,” 52 reasons I love you. ” somehow you could do something with that phrase? Either painted on the cards or on a plaque under it? This is a great start to a fun room!

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