a rock

I painted a rock today.

And wrote on it grace.

Because this is as far as the Lord has taken me. And He has shown me grace that stretches further than the cross.Grace I didn’t know existed. And He is taking me farther still.

{Did you know that you can use watercolors {or in my case, Neocolor crayons} on a rock if you paint it with gesso first?!? I suppose maybe you could paint with watercolors on almost anything if you gesso it first… but still…}


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9 thoughts on “a rock

  1. OK, I have tried gesso on a rock, but it left an ugly filmy look – yours looks pretty and the gesso invisible – so I must ask, what kind did you use? And your lettering looks computer perfect!

    Blessings my friend!

    • ProArt Premium Gesso Canvas Primer. Found it at Hobby Lobby. That’s the kind I have Cindy. The gesso itself on the rock wasn’t too pretty… and I put two coats on! I did several layers of the NeoColors and completely covered the gesso. If I wanted any white space (which I LOVE with watercolors!), I’d have had to use some white acrylic, I think. Or maybe a 3rd or 4th layer of gesso? ;) I dunno, I have a ton of rocks to experiment with, I’ll let you know!


      • Oh, thank you so much – I just now realized that those beautiful rock-like colors (under the word) were painted by you and not the revealed interior of the rock! LOL! You did awesomely in recreating rock strata, too!


  2. This brings a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. God has brought the true meaning of Grace up close and personal in the past five years of my life. Her name is Greace with a capital G teaching me about grace with a little G. My lil G. It’s a beautiful journey for sure. (love gesso and watercolor. It hadn’t thought of trying it on rocks too! Slaps forehead!)

    • Anna! I want to give you a hug! God has been quietly bringing me on this grace-journey since just this past September-ish… I am floored by His love. I love that your Grace is teaching you about grace :)

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