Allow me to introduce you to some of my friends {umm, I mean books}

You can’t get everything you need from one friend. That puts an incredible burden on them! I may only have a few close friends, but I’ve learned that I can’t expect just one friend to be my everything, one-stop friend. {That makes friends sound incredibly used… but when it’s a friend, it’s a two-way thing, right? I’m sure you know what I mean}. I’ve noticed that I tend to go to one or two of my friends most often when I just need to hear “yes, my son does that, too” or “I feel the same exact way.” There are a couple other friends that I go to when I need that advice, to double-check myself – kind of hold my soul up to them as in a mirror. And there are other types of friends, too, you know, the ones you just really want to be around just ’cause you like them, but my point is… I’m not a one-best-friend type of girl, I guess.

So. I had this silly thought. Hang in there with me :)

Books and I are the same way. I am almost never just reading one book at a time {unless I am just way too wrapped up in the storyline, but those book-relationships only last a few days anyway! A book fling!? Ha!}. Take now, for example. I am reading a non-fiction book just for me. A non-fiction book for the purpose of learning. A fiction book, just for fun. And a more creative type compilation of  letters. And I have another fiction book waiting to be read.

That first book, the non-fiction, I have been working on for forever. Since last September. Mhmm. This book and I, we have a long-standing friendship, one that I am not rushing through. The second non-fiction, I am about a third of the way through and I’ve been reading it less than a week. The fiction – well, I tend to run through those fast. Book Fling, remember? And the letters. Oh, the letters. Those letters and I have an understanding that they’ll be there whenever I need them. Mentor-ish relationship there.

Do I sound crazy to you yet?

When I was in college, one of my most favorite things was when my advisor, and favorite teacher, and role-model for the type of teacher I wanted to be, brought in all the books that she was currently reading. And maybe a book she just finished. And a book she was excitedly planning on reading next.

So I am really excited because I’ve decided I want to do the same thing here.

Allow me to introduce you to my book friends.

They’re not in the same order as how I talked about them before. So we’ll go top to bottom.

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. This is the book I have been working on since September. I can not rush through it. I just can not. Each and every chapter has affected me a ton, and I take a lot of time to process. Plus, I’ve found that I read this book best when I have time to be quiet. And that time is not in abundance for me lately. And often I choose other things than reading during that time. Like napping. But I am 100% sure that Emily would say “yeah girl, nap!” But my real point is that this book is just so good. Not only do I love Emily’s style of writing, but her words are just so full of truth. She is even hosting a book club this summer for the book, so if you are interested, go here.  I also do not know if I can do the book justice by trying to describe it so just go read her summary :)

The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Spencer Quinn. This is the fourth book in a mystery series. It is told in the point of view of a dog who belongs to a PI. It is hilarious :) For some reason I just really love books told in unconventional points-of-view {point-of-views?}. Have you ever read Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann? If you haven’t, you MUST. Must, must, must.

Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. The title is kinda self-explanatory, I think :) And it is also so good.

{Not Shown, because it is in e-book format} Mother Letters curated by Seth and Amber Haines. Please please  click that link and read about how this e-book came about. Sweetest story ever of a true love-gift from Seth to Amber! And if you are a mama, and you need some encouragement, I’d say you need this book. Seth and Amber compiled letters from mothers to mothers. Encouragement-type letters, written to you. It makes me cry. In a good way. And I’m always crying anyway because I’m pregnant, but I’d bet that even if you aren’t, you’d shed a tear or two.

To be read next: Widows and Orphans by Susan Meissner. I love her books. And funny thing, I was inspired to look her up when I was reading a post by Emily Freeman about books that she was currently reading. See? These book list things are good things!

Sooo… if you have or make a list like this, tell me in the comments :) I seriously love to hear people talk about what they’re reading!


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