a picture post

Lavender from my mom…

Purple flowers from my sister… (our current favorite color – mine changes often haha)

daisies from my baby…

the littlest baby {at 16 weeks}

I didn’t feel like I looked very pregnant in that first one so I took another… dunno if it’s the angle or what but how can two consecutive pictures look so different???

my older baby :) the one who gave me daisies…

my new favorite Eli-hasn’t-allowed-me-to-shower-in-three-days, get-this-too-thick-half-wavy-hair-off-my-neck, I-have-a-headache-that’ll-just-be-made-worse-by-a-ponytail, I-can-only-find-my-sister’s-hair-band-and-her-hair-is-blond, it’s-just-me-and-Eli-in-the-backyard super loose braid-ish 3 second hair… don’t ask how I did it. I am no good at hair. And I’m sure you can do something much prettier and less messy!

I overdid the hyphens, I know… and I don’t care.

This is my favorite tree…

It would be perfect for a hammock underneath, don’t you think? Oh, and see the windchime? That is from our anniversary trip. It sings all day and I love it.

My tree is also pregnant :) Apples will be ready this fall… just like my baby!

The last apple blossom on the tree… (I loooove apple blossoms!)

A flower growing among the sticks and weeds in our backyard… or maybe it is a weed? I don’t know and I don’t care… it is yellow and pretty.


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