gesso’ed sleeve

I have gesso on my sleeve. I know it probably won’t come off. I’m not upset.

I’m ecstatic :)

The way a chef proudly wears splatters of the sauce he made from his mama’s recipe…

The scrapes and scabs from skateboard tricks that little boys brag about to their friends…

The way a mama doesn’t mind, or doesn’t notice, the sticky fruit-snack fingerprints on her pant legs…

This paint, it is a reminder, the way it makes me happy to see it, that I am doing what I was made for – to create, and enjoy the mess, even when I’m not thrilled with the finished product. (Like that one, below… it will have more tweaking… and I wish I could erase that black ink around the leaves). The process is what frees me.

“…they were who God said they were…” – Beth Moore

(I am making my art journal out of  one of her books – Believing God. So sorry if you mind, Beth Moore.)

I am who God said I am. Not who I see myself as. Not who I hear myself as from other people’s mouths. Someone told me last week (not her exact words – my memory is faulty) “God made the earth and everything in it, and said ‘it is good’. I think He meant me and you, too.”

He says you are good. You are good. I may not always do good. But who God made me to be… I am good.

Gesso’ed sleeves and all.

P.S. I don’t know how to make gesso, a noun, into a verb and then past tense. Forgive me, English majors and word-smart authors. I am an artist. Which includes creating ways to change a noun into a past tense verb.


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