Miscellany Monday

This weekend I bought two pints of Ben & Jerry’s at the grocery store. Strawberry Cheesecake for my husband and Chunky Monkey for me. Have I ever told you how much I love banana flavored ice cream??? LOVE it! And with chocolate? Mmmm… When we lived on campus, we lived in the same dorm (building, not room, ha!), and there was a convenience store next door. They had Ben & Jerry’s pints. And we ate it too often.

Eli is literally saying a new word every single day. Yesterday it was “yes” … before that it was “pickle,” “popcorn,” “shoe,” “car,” “hello,” “up” (he finally says “up” instead of “down” when he wants to be picked up or held), “kiss” and “Micah” (one of his best friends).

He has pretend conversations on the phone. The other day it went like this “‘Ello? Frita? Ya! Ya! Bye! Bye.” I have no idea who Frita is. I think he might have actually been speaking German. And he always says “bye” twice :)

I’m going to be meeting up with a dear, dear friend this week. She and I went through our first pregnancies at the same time, but states away. Her son Raph was born a month after Eli. We haven’t seen each other since our first semester of our Senior years of college (before I moved with my husband and did student teaching long-distance), and even though I’ve never met her son, I love him as if he were a child of my heart. There couldn’t be another friend to replace her.

I suddenly only want to drink water out of straws…

Which means I share my water a lot… because someone loves straws…

He’s rocking the shorts and a jacket look today, because the sun outside was deceiving, and it was much chillier out this morning than I expected, but I was too lazy to change his entire outfit…

And yes, I put Christmas lights on the railing of our deck AFTER Christmas. We had people over to roast marshmallows, and, I dunno… I just love lights… :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh, and just in case you want to know something random about me, yesterday was my 12-year re-birthday :) 12 years from the day that I realized that God was in love with me, and wanted me to fall in love with Him, too…


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