the art {feeling like I’m seven}

I am loving learning new techniques in the art class I am taking! It has been way too long since I have sketched on a regular basis (think high school… I used to breathe out sketches), and even longer since I have painted with watercolors! Although the Neocolor II “crayons” I am using feel like watercolors for adults, they are just as much fun as those watercolor trays your parents had to buy for your elementary school supply lists – I still feel like a kid using the Neocolors :) In fact, I think I might feel like a kid whenever I’m doing art anyway…

This is one of my first attempts at using the Neocolors… my radish wanted to be all dressed up like a kiss (thanks to my husband for the inspiration… he bought a whole bag of Hershey’s kisses for me!)

The prompt for this one was “place” … not only do I feel like a kid painting, sometimes I think a kid probably could have done it! Ha! I’ll get the hang of those Neocolors eventually…

So that’s really it so far… as I said, moving so slowly through this class, but that is okay :)

On another completely unrelated note, the littlest baby is 10 weeks along today :) {I decided to go with my calculations for the due date instead of the ultrasound… it just feels better to keep counting the way I’d been counting from the beginning!} … I think I’m starting to get a bump! *gasp* :)


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