I love these words {and the women who write them}

The words and the art are coming a little slower these days, but I am learning to just let that slowness be. Let it be. The art can not, should not, be rushed, or it wouldn’t be my art at all.

So, I don’t have much to say today. Instead I just want to share some things I have been reading lately – things that speak to my heart in ways I needed them so badly to, and so maybe they’ll speak to you, too. The thing I love about each one of these bloggers is that they are real in such a refreshing way. There are certain blogs I visit often because when I read their words I breathe, and I find a kindred spirit, and there is honesty there and permission to be and… I can’t explain it well. Just go read if you want to find out what I am trying to say…

Boys in the Bed and Calm in the Storm by Amber Haines

We Don’t Want Your Loveless Art by Emily Freeman

The Quiet in a Mama’s House, a Mama’s Mind also by Amber Haines

And if you want to see some brand new baby lambs, just because, go to Junelle’s blog here… it’ll really make you feel like maybe Spring is here :)


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