the sweet reason for absence…

Hi bloggy world :)

It’s been almost two weeks since I posted last. A year ago I’d say that’s not too bad… but lately the posts have been flowing out so two weeks seems like a while now!

I have a sweet reason for that absence, though…

A little heart-shaped baby! :)

God is cool.


I could just leave it at that and be content… but I’ll talk a little more.

Our new little love is due at the end of October – sometime between October 23rd and October 28th … the ultrasound and I have a disagreement on that end ;) But the doctor is going with October 28th, so I guess for all medical purposes, that’s what it is. For now. Until the doctor agrees with me next ultrasound when, of course, they might change the due date yet again. I don’t like all those switches. I’d rather just say October 23rd and let that be that!

The reason this has caused some absence here is horrible, super-annoying, morning all-day sickness that has caused me to do pretty much, well… nothing. I’ve been much sicker than I was with Eli, and it lasts much longer during the day, and can you say exhausted??? Computer screens, for some strange and unknown reason, make the nausea worse. And, I didn’t trust myself to come here without spilling the news a little sooner than I wanted to.

But we saw that little heartbeat and most of the people that I know in real life who ever read this blog know already, so I feel safe :) Plus I just can’t help but show off that picture! And I’m excited :) So excited!

I am now taking medicine when I need to for the nausea so maybe I’ll be back on here a little more often :) I am taking an online art class that I’d like to share. (Online, yeah… about that computer screen induced nausea? I am working so slow through that class! But I think that is good for me).

See you soon :)


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