Breathing Pace

Is it possible, that in those moments that we feel like we are spending all our time catching-up and catching breath, that we can just stop?

Laundry is piled and dishes aren’t done and you have too many things on your to-do list, and the toddler needs you, and you try to distract and fold at the same time and the breath. just. won’t. come.

Is it possible, that maybe we’re not behind at all? That there is no running to do? That this is the pace – the pace at which you can breathe – that you should be at?

Let that laundry pile as you catch your breath – without guilt.

Sit on the floor and and slow and breathe and stop worrying about whether he’s learning enough – without guilt.

Catch your breath. There is no rule that says if the house isn’t clean you’re not a good wife, no rule that if your child doesn’t always obey you’re not a good mom. There is no rule that says you’re not good if you’re not perfect.

God wants you to breathe. So do it.

Live at a breathing pace.


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