Miscellany Monday {oops, I mean Tuesday}

Fisrt… Something is wrong with my theme/layout thingy. But only when it’s on the home page (not a single post). Does anyone know what happened? The title of some random post is on the right side instead of my picture and tag cloud and whatnot. Help?? —->

Second… Eli is sick… the worst cold he has had since he had RSV as a little baby. He is more snuggly than usual… and taking lots of warm baths and using his Nebulizer. Blah.

But isn’t he cute? :)

Third… I am continuing my list today… yesterday is definitely the kind of day that needed it. So weird how in a day that could easily feel discouraging, purposefully looking for things such as these is just like taking off glasses just to realize they’d been foggy the whole time, and now you can see…

6. Eli is taking naps again without coughing

7. Received a much-awaited package yesterday {and the UPS man read my note on the door and did not knock or ring the bell so my sick baby could nap}

8. freedom {and time} to create

9. link backs from a friend :)

10. bathtubs. ‘nough said.

11. we already have a Nebulizer to help Eli breathe

12. Veggie Tales.

13. A compliment from Eli’s pediatrician

14. a Valentine scavenger hunt that my husband set up (and which I still have yet to find the first clue for…)
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


5 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday {oops, I mean Tuesday}

    • Oh, I so agree! And I thought Spring was here, too! Then Winter decided to show up late… what an inconsiderate guest.

      {Thank you for the wellness prayers :) }

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