cloud shapes in a baggie

Eli and I have been playing with oil and water and food coloring lately. We filled a cup with water, poured a small layer of oil on top, and dripped food coloring in to watch “fireworks” appear in the water. We made bathtub paints (be warned, these make the bath water look kinda gross after you play! Especially if your toddler dumps the paints into the water).

Today I filled a baggie about 1/5 of the way with water, poured a couple tablespoons of oil in, and then a few drops of blue food coloring. Oh, and then I put the first baggie into a second one, because I was, afterall, going to hand this to my sometimes destructive 1-year-old. The result? A sparkly blue liquid that is fun to shake and squish around.

I’m thinking I could sprinkle some sequins in, maybe different shapes, and play I Spy? Or maybe find some tiny sea creatures to put inside to make an ocean?

For now, it’s fun to find shapes in the water (the water is what turns blue, the oil stays separate and clear)… like this one. Doesn’t it look like a bear sitting up? (Turn your head or your computer to see it on its feet I guess).

I think the “head” on this one looks like the pink panther’s head.

Am I crazy?

Almost as fun as looking for shapes in the clouds. :)


4 thoughts on “cloud shapes in a baggie

  1. I love this! Over the summer I made something similar but instead of a bag I reused a plastic bottle (and made sure the cap was on tight!) We put sparkles in it too :-) But I realllly like your idea with the bag…it’s more fun to squish things anyway! I’m going to try this! :-)

  2. Glitter, sequins, little toys – all are awesome in this mixture…We have a “re-purposed” jar with water and glitter and a “littlest Mermaid” toy floating in it – permanently! It sits on her bedroom dresser and she shakes it every time she walks by to see the glitter swirl and settle once again!…Blessings friend!

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