DIY shape drop box {and other unusual uses for usual things}

You know those toys that have the different shaped blocks, and holes in a container that your toddler is supposed to push the blocks through? Circle block in the circle hole, square in the square, etc.?

Eli has a couple of toys like that, but they frustrate him greatly. Why should one block fit and the other not?

I decided maybe we started too complex and so today, finally, I thought of a solution.

I took an old, sturdy cardboard box with a flip-top lid and cut some holes in it with a box cutter…

The holes are big enough that, even if Eli doesn’t feel like matching his toys’ shapes with the shapes of the holes, most of his small toys can fit wherever he feels like putting them through. We’ll work on shape-matching later. For now I’m hoping he’ll start to make the connection on his own, without getting frustrated.

I really want to take some paper or paint to the box to make it look more fun :)

(please excuse the dark phone-camera picture…)

Yesterday as I was straightening up my desk, I noticed a pattern in myself of using things in my home for uses other than what they were purposed for, and laughed. Just thought I’d share some of them :)

Small vases for storing beads I love these vases, but Eli kept finding them in our bedroom and trying to throw them. They are now safely on the hutch of my desk with a new use that I actually like better than holding flowers…

Napkin holder for holding envelopes and stamps We had registered for this napkin holder and matching paper towel holder for our wedding, but we never used the napkin holder because we never buy napkins. It was just taking up space on the counter for 3+ years… now it has a pretty use  and my envelopes aren’t taking over the junk drawer.

Desk calendar as a wall calendar Those small calendars that I used to keep on the fridge never have enough space for me to write :) This one was in the dollar section at Target. 



10 thoughts on “DIY shape drop box {and other unusual uses for usual things}

  1. What creative ideas! My children have passed that drop stage, but it’s still good to see ideas for the other things. =) Visiting from Studio JRU.

  2. Angel still loves boxes as much as what came in them – especially the big ones! (She’s ten.) I am really liking the beads in the bottles…I do that with buttons, why didn’t I ever think of that with beads? (maybe because I don’t have that many…). Rich blessings on your creative endeavors…

    • Hahaha, I don’t blame Angel … sometimes I even like the boxes just as much as the things that come in them! And I am twenty-four! :)

      Oooooh, I like the idea of buttons in vases, too!

  3. That is a great idea. I love the pic of him peeking down into the box! :) I love how you have found new uses for things in your home. That is great creativity! I use all sorts of things for storage too!

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