Miscellany Monday

Eli didn’t take his morning nap today. He laid in his crib with his feet propped against the side, kicking it. He threw all his pacifiers over the side of his crib, at the bedroom door. He talked to himself (and maybe to me) and he blew raspberries. But he did not sleep.

He fell asleep at 1 for his afternoon nap and I showered {finally! Because for some reason when he isn’t napping when he should be I am a totally non-productive, on-edge-and-fidgety mess not knowing what to do with myself} and then half an hour into his nap the cat jumps in the hallway and Eli wakes up. And cries. Because he didn’t nap earlier and now he is sleepy and he was woken by a cat practicing hurdles over the baby gate in the hallway, which was put up to prevent the dog from clickety-clacketing her nails across the hall while I was in the shower.

My kitchen is a mess and my hair is still wet and now both baby and cat are sleeping again in their respective nap places and I have a friend coming over in, oh, an hour.

Is it really 2:20 already? I do not know whether I am happy about that {because in 3 hours daddy will be home and I will have help with my wild-child-boy} or sad, because all I have to show for my day is a showered head and some e-mails sent and a sleeping baby.

Oh, and this blog post. Because maybe someone else is having a day such as this and we can find some comfort in the fact that we’re not the only one mama who is left with a look of bewilderment on her face, wind-blown, wondering where did today go?

Breathe deep, whoever you are… you are loved, wind-blown and all.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


7 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. Carissa, First of all thanks for visiting my blog. I loved reading your post. I remember those days. I now have a 16 and 12 year old. I also remember once locking myself in the bathroom, just to get away for a moment, and seeing these little fingers wiggling under the door, and a cute voice asking me if ” I was in there.” I said no, then we both started laughing through the door. Another time I remember running outside to yell at this man that was parked right under my sleeping baby’s window. He was picking up our neighbor and had been honking his car horn for what seemed like 5 minute. I knocked on his window, pointed toward the building, and said in a crazed voice, ” I have a baby sleeping in there”. I’m sure my hair was also unwashed that day. I wonder if that man ever married and had kids. PS I recently surrendered something to the Lord. A few days later, I had a major blessing, that I never saw coming. Yes, God is good all the time! Cindy

    • :) Oh, Cindy, you have a huge smile on my face now! Thank you so much for sharing those stories with me! I can just imagine the fingers under the bathroom door! :) And now I want to hug you out of a kindred-heart-ship and also maybe wonder with you if the man in the car DID have kids and hope maybe he remembers you when someone rings the doorbell or honks their car horn during naptime on Sundays! Ha!
      And yes, God is so good :) It seems I am forever learning to trust Him these days…

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