faith… and a bird’s nest

“Begin to believe, and hold on to it steadfastly, that He has taken that which you have surrendered to Him. You positively must not wait to feel either that you have given yourself, or that God has taken you. You must simply believe it, and reckon it to be the case.”

~Hannah Whitall Smith {The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life}

It seems that God is weaving this theme into my heart… the one of trusting even when I don’t feel like I am. The one of trusting Him more than I trust myself, or even more than I trust my ability to trust in Him fully.

On another note, I have built a bird’s nest… with wire and beads and a jump ring, and this tutorial by Sarah Ortega. It just needs a chain…

This bird’s nest is inspected and approved by my Eli.

It might have even been taste-tested if mama hadn’t ruined the fun.

Update: I just had to make another… so I did, during Eli’s nap… and even found a chain in my jewelry box…

Psst, Friday Sneak Peek-ers… in case you wondered, I got a little bit more done on the kitchen art :)



12 thoughts on “faith… and a bird’s nest

  1. Love it…the Lord is speaking to me so much about birds and nests – I found her tutorial last week but haven’t tried it yet, but I did find some silver wire in my home office/art studio when I was cleaning over the holiday break! I love that you read the great Christian classics…blessings♥

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