kitchen art {slow progress}

I am making slow progress on the art for the kitchen. My process seems to be kind of jump-from-one-thing-to-the-other lately {I never sit and finish one piece before moving to the next}… but that’s okay. I’m enjoying it :)

This is just an idea of how the tiles might be arranged on my wall. They are imperfect and unfinished… but I am finally letting go of the it has to be perfect¬†standard in my head, and so enjoying the freedom in that!!

This one might be my new favorite, simple though it may be… {it is special to me, because of this day}

This tile finally has some color…

And I made some more coffee mugs…


6 thoughts on “kitchen art {slow progress}

  1. oh I LOVE your tiles! If you wouldnt mind me adding….. the cute one with the chickadee…. does it need a little thin black triangle in the air for a tail? My eyes kept wondering? I would love these in my kitchen thats for sure…. and you actually get some art in with a little one too! BONUS! Have a blessed day.

    • Anna, I love that idea for the tail!! Thank you thank you! I knew it was missing something, but couldn’t figure out what – I think this is it :)

      Haha oh I have to get art in somewhere… God must know how much I need it! Ha.

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