art for the kitchen

I am creating some art to go in our kitchen. Right now there is nothing on the walls {besides chalkboard paint}, and there is a humongous blank wall above our kitchen table. {P.S. Humongous was just the word of the day on Sesame Street}.

These are all in progress… so, truly sneak peeks. They are all done on an acrylic paper, which is mod-podged to pieces of tile – leftovers from our kitchen/bathroom tile, and some from what my mom pulled up in their house… yay for repurposing!

Total I have seven pieces… but only three of them are showing up on my camera – the pencil is too light on the rest! This first one was done in oil pastels and acrylics… but I am trying to figure out whether I like the oil pastels or if I will go over it in something else…

This one is supposed to be a burlap bag of coffee beans spilled over… just in case you couldn’t tell… ’cause, you know, you probably can’t – yet. I am going to glue coffee beans to this one… and I am considering redoing the burlap bag in some actual burlap…

This one is my favorite…

The bird in the corner of that one was inspired by chickadees I saw on this artist’s blog

Linking up with my lovely artsy friends at Studio JRU!


6 thoughts on “art for the kitchen

  1. Hi Carissa – I so love your idea of adding real burlap and coffee beans to that one canvas – I have an artist friend who loves doing textural things like that!…and I love that chickadee and nest in a cup sketch, too! Can’t wait to see it finished, and I am actually going to pin it to my “Finding Sanctuary” boards!


  2. These are looking fantastic Carissa! I love the big mug. Love the coffee beans. And the nest… too cute. This is going to be a beautiful collection for your kitchen. Can not wait to see it finished! Thanks for the sneak peek!! :)

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