yellow and robin’s egg {silhouette art}

Do you remember these corkboard squares that I hung above our bed?

There’s finally something on one of the squares!

I am thinking up three more silhouettes that can be posted on the other corkboard squares. I’m thinking a “his” and “hers” … but with the “his” posted above my side of the bed, and the “hers” posted above his…

This was another inspired by something I saw on Pintrest… the original artist’s piece is beautiful. The process for mine was slightly different than hers {on paper instead of canvas (because it was all I had), I used only blue and yellow pieces of magazine pages, hand-drew the bird silhouette (again, because I didn’t have the program she used), and skipped the last few steps after painting over most of the page with white. I pinned the page onto the corkboard with dark yellow brads}. Go here to find the original piece that inspired me :)



13 thoughts on “yellow and robin’s egg {silhouette art}

  1. Oh wow! I have this pinned to try!!! My daughter and I found canvases to re-paint. She has glued down the foundation in hers. I havent started with mine. You did an awesome job!!!! Im glad to know that it works on paper too. I am wondering why I didnt think of that?! You are so smart. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Anna! :) It did work with paper, but I will warn you – it curled a little as I added layers of glue and paint… which is why it is pinned to the corkboard with brads :) But it could be framed, too, to stay flat! I hope you post the ones that you and your daughter make! I’d love to see them :)

  2. That is soooo beautiful…I went and repinned the pin! This is so where my spirit is right now…lots of birds, lots of mixed up colors…I love your color palette! Hints of spring is what I see!


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