art {next to you is where I belong}

This was inspired by this bench that I saw on Pintrest. I know… that bench is pretty. Much prettier than my sign. But I liked the words, and don’t have an old piano bench to fix up right now, so I just painted it on some paper, which is mod-podged to a box…

Pinned Image

I’m not sure yet where I want it’s home to be. Right now it is trying out the space on this awkward, narrow wall above my favorite chair… but as you can see it looks puny up there all by its lonesome, so I think if it stays there it is going to need some friends…

But it could be put on my gallery wall… (yes, I realize that this picture is horrid and the lamp is reflected in one of the pictures up there – I’m about to take all the glass out of my frames because I like the matte look better than lamp-shade heads…)

Help me! What do you think? Where does this sign belong?


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