Unwrapping Tuesday {I am slowed}

Today I am slowed…

… to cuddle, wrapped both in a blanket, with my baby boy

… to hand him tiny pieces of string cheese, one at a time, without multitasking (and thank God that Eli can eat string cheese now, for it is the only thing he wants to eat this week) …

… to sit in silence by the Christmas tree and do nothing, even if it was just for two minutes …

… to sew by hand all day long {in between all of those other things up there}, and to sew   s l o w   and lazy, because Eli took almost a two and a half hour nap …

{these hand warmers were inspired by V and Co.’s recent post}

Linking up at Chatting At The Sky.


5 thoughts on “Unwrapping Tuesday {I am slowed}

  1. Sitting by the Christmas tree and doing nothing. The best thing ever. I loved every word you wrote.

    visiting via Emily’s place. I’m so glad I did. I’m all smiles now!

  2. Very nice, enjoyed your post. I’m a Hindu-Indian but went to a catholic school and love celebrating christmas although its technically not our festival. I love decorating the christmas tree and having a party at home. Too bad we are moving right now, n staying at a hotel :-(

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