Oh My, Miscellany Monday

I made cinnamon scented oil this morning, to paint onto the leftovers of my pine cones. At first I mixed olive oil and ground cinnamon in a small bowl… and realized that it just smelled like olive oil. So I added water to try to dillute the olive oil smell… and then I remembered that water and oil do NOT mix. And so I added not-so-strongly-smelling vegetable oil. And mixed. And mixed. And got a cinnamon-y paste surrounded with oil…

And painted the tips of the pinecones with the oil that collected around the cinnamon paste…

And it smells lovely.

I forgot to put the {whole} chicken in the crockpot until 11:30 this morning. Last time I cooked a chicken in the crockpot, it took close to 8 hours. I was going to shred the chicken and use it in a different recipe. If it weren’t for the option of putting the crockpot on high for part of the time, my husband might not be eating until very late tonight. It’s just a day like that.

If you’re like me, and think know that maybe definitely you’re not taking the time to find space to breathe in, go here to read Emily Freeman’s post today.

Right after I read her post, I took the risk of bringing the dog out to the back, even though the baby is napping, and even though the dog dashing through the back door sometimes wakes him. Eli didn’t wake, but as soon as I stepped outside and started to breathe, I sat in a puddle of half-frozen dog pee. In my favorite jeans. That I just washed. {Like I said. A day like THAT}.

I’ll try again later. I used to be so much better at sitting still, at being quiet… pauses in conversation never bothered me… sitting alone doing nothing didn’t bother me. I thrive in quiet. And yet somehow in the past year I’ve forgotten how to. Like wildflowers that forget that they thrive on the hillsides in the Swiss Alps, trying to transplant themselves in a pot on a windowsill. Like a tree that forgets to just be a tree. I’ve forgotten.

It’s time to breathe again and remember.

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5 thoughts on “Oh My, Miscellany Monday

  1. I really feel for you. In fact, I relate to you–at least today. I’ve had one of “those” days today as well. It really hurts and sometimes feels helpless and overwhelming. But if you hear nothing else from me, I hope that you hear you’re not alone. I’m praying for you and joining you in some much needed “quiet time” with the One who can dry all of our tears (and maybe some pee-soaked pants too) :)

    • I hope that today was better than yesterday (it has been for me – thank you for the prayers!). *hugs* and thank you for taking the time to relate to me and leave a comment. Saying a prayer for you, now, too!

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