Unwrapping Tuesday Again

Do you remember, a couple of Tuesdays ago, when I talked about struggling with knowing whether I was doing the right thing? When I felt both sad and happy, salty-sweet, about this new phase of having a baby boy who loved everyone, and played well alone, and didn’t seem to need me quite as much anymore?

Over the past week, he has been so clingy. It is the return of my separation-anxiety-stricken 8-month-old… but he is five months older, can stand up and tug on the back of my pant legs, and knows exactly how he makes my heart melt when he says “mama, mama.”

It is amazing how quickly I can change from “I miss my not-so-independent boy” to “where on earth did he go??”

So today, I am choosing to embrace this phase for what it is, exactly how it is. This phase of eating solids only every other day, and climbing into my lap at every opportune (and inopportune) moment, and calling me back to him each and every time I move more than 3 feet (or 3 inches) away, and going on walks and slowing to find pine cones when mama starts to be on touch-overload.

And I’ll have to choose to re-embrace it every morning, probably. And that’s okay.

And I won’t feel guilty for taking a minute to make coffee every once in a while ;)

Unwrapping Tuesdays with Chatting At The Sky


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