Miscellany Monday {in which my baby is healed, and I find pine cones}

My camera’s battery charger is still lost. Or maybe I’m the one who is lost, and the charger is wondering where I am? (I certainly feel lost without it… I miss my camera… using my phone just isn’t the same).

My Milk and Soy Protein Intolerant baby boy is {finally} tolerating milk products! Or at least mozzarella and ricotta cheese :) Who cares what kind of milk products he is tolerating – it’s something! I haven’t felt this kind of un-stress in so long – maybe since about a year ago, when I first suspected milk to be the culprit of all of his colicky cries? It’s weird how you don’t realize just how heavy something is weighing on you until it is lifted off – perhaps God knows exactly how much of the weight our hearts can carry without completely breaking.

Not his very first snow, but his first glimpse at snow flakes (which is why I don’t care that this picture is blurry).

We just got back from a walk. I’ve been wanting to find some pine cones for a while now, but couldn’t find any pretty ones. Well, on our way back home I glanced across the street and there on the ground – TONS of beautiful pine cones. AH! My heart is happy. To me, these pine cones are like when God gave my husband a donut.

We crossed the street and walked in the grass (there isn’t a sidewalk over there) and I think people driving by were looking at me funny as I pushed the stroller two feet, stopped, climbed up the slope, grabbed some pine cones, stumbled back down (nearly losing my shoes every time) and tucked my treasures into the basket below Eli’s seat. Eli didn’t complain about the stop-and-go once. He just loves being outside.

Sky isn’t sure what to think of Eli’s static hair.

Neither of them are sure what to think about the pine cones…

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


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