Second Tuesday Unwrapped

I almost didn’t write another Tuesday Unwrapped post. I tried. But yesterday was busy and the baby didn’t nap well, was fussier and needier than normal and then he burned his little hands on the inside of the oven door (my gosh, he has gotten fast… but don’t worry, he only touched it for a split second and no harm done). He spilled the bowl of cold water that I was trying to use to cool his hands with all over the counter and floor, in the middle of me baking bread and making dinner, and then needless to say I didn’t get anything actually accomplished until Chris came home.

So anyway… I didn’t write a Tuesday Unwrapped post on Tuesday. And to be honest I was getting a little upset about how things were going yesterday. Everything was just messy.

Oh, and did I mention that I messed up the bread I was making? Something about bleached vs. unbleached flour… and the fact that I only had wax paper, not parchment paper (if you read the recipe here you’ll understand). And my dough was too wet and sticky, even with a dusting of flour, and I ended up having to tear it off the wax paper and just plop it on the preheated pizza stone and just hope that those meager attempts at 1/4-in slits (that really just blended in with the rest of the dough blob) did whatever it is that they were supposed to do.

So my imperfect bread went in the oven. And a golden-brown something with a shape that still closely resembled the blob I had put in the oven 30 minutes before came out…

And it smelled delicious…

And it was yummy. I think we ate half the loaf with dinner last night…

And my husband said that it was better than my usual dump-all-the-ingredients-in-the-bread-machine-and-hit-start bread…

And now my once again not napping and once again fussy one-year-old who has barely left my lap this morning – and who hasn’t wanted to eat much solids lately – has eaten almost an entire inch-and-a-half thick slice of still-fluffy bread.

Let me just pause and say that the fact that my bread was still fluffy this morning makes me extremely smiley :) Every time that I have made bread in my bread machine, it is fluffy for the first night and then the next day it is gummy and dense.

I started writing today because something inside said I had to. That I needed to just write, and I’d find it – the gift God had given me yesterday that I couldn’t find in the midst of my mess.

But the gift was the mess. (Ahem. Dear me, go back and read this post).

He blesses me with mess… with the ability to make mess… and the ability to trust Him that through my feeble efforts (making dough by hand for the first time) and mistakes (my wax paper) and tiredness (my blob of dough), that He takes all of that and makes something beautiful. He isn’t hindered by me, He does not rely on me… He wants to do life with me and He wants me to trust Him.

I don’t have any pictures of my bread for you. Yesterday the blob-shaped bread didn’t seem to be photograph-worthy. And today I grab my camera just to realize that the battery is dead and I have NO idea where the battery charger is. So you just get this picture instead, which has nothing to do with bread… but it does have to do with one of my favorite gifts :) 


2 thoughts on “Second Tuesday Unwrapped

    • :) Thanks for visiting! And for relating. I can’t help but think of C.S. Lewis when you say your yesterday was like mine… “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too?’ I thought I was the only one.” … even if we are simply relating to each other through our messy days :) Nice to meet you!

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