in which God gave my husband a donut

Yesterday morning, my husband, Chris, drove to work. He worked out, showered, and walked to his desk. As he was passing through the cafeteria area he said “God, it would be really cool if there was a box of donuts in there, and I could have one.”

No donuts.

Not even ten minutes later, Chris was at his desk mixing up his fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt when his boss’ boss appeared at the entrance to his cubicle and exclaimed “why are you eating that healthy stuff? Want a donut?” … and held out a box of Krispy Kremes.

God cares. About the big things… and the little things. About the things you need… and about the things you want. And He cares enough to not only pay attention to what you ask of Him, he delivers in ways that lets you know “hey… I love you. I want to bless you. I want to give you that donut you asked for.”

What will you ask for?

We’ve been in a rough place this past year. Yesterday, my husband said that it has felt just like his last semester of college (my second-to-last) when he didn’t have a job. Oddly enough, that gave me hope… because right after that last semester of his he got an awesome job (with bosses that God uses to bless with donuts), we found an amazing apartment, a student teaching placement for me (two and a half hours away from our college), then a perfect job for a time for me, a beautiful house, and then a baby, and then the ability for me to quit my job.

I quit almost exactly a year ago. I knew I wanted to quit when I was 9-months-expecting. I knew I was going to quit the minute I saw my baby’s face.

It has been a dry year. I am too dry and too hot and too tired… but I do feel it – the expectation of something good. The smell of the air right before rain. The rain (or maybe the snow?) is coming. And God’s been right here in the too-dry too-hot, too. He’s been here and I feel that, too.

So I’ll wait for the snow with nose pressed against glass and eyes wide open, searching for those snowflakes… because I believe He loves to show us that He is with us. And I’ll dance and thank Him for those singular lonely flakes… and I’ll thank Him for the blizzards.

But who knew a donut could be that first snowflake?

It makes me laugh.

I think it’s perfect.


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