more brown paper packages {tied up with string… kind of}

I think I am having way too much fun making these gift packages.

I haven’t even made the gifts to be packaged, yet! (But I DO know what those gifts will be… good enough for now!)

This box is kinda (umm, very) plain on the outside, still…

But the inside is coming along okay. Yes, I used that Irish Blessing that I wrote on my other smaller box. The inside lid had all of the information about Diaper Genie Refills… so I painted over it in white (though some still peeks through), glued some green paper in and… it looks a little better.

After I turned this box inside out, I realized it had a bunch of ugly spots on the brown side… so it is covered with a Max & Erma’s takeout bag.

Ugh, blurry pictures… my hands are so cold, they won’t stay steady!

(yes, that used to be a kleenex box… I made a lid for it)



4 thoughts on “more brown paper packages {tied up with string… kind of}

  1. Okay, another great packaging idea! No more throwing away Kleenex boxes (and with winter coming I will have a bunch!). I think I need a bunch of kraft paper for sides…

    Thanks for sharing and Thanksgiving blessings to you! We will be leaving the state to visit family for Thanksgiving, so I won’t even be around internet access for a week!

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