Giving thanks…

I read Ann Voskamp’s post this morning (you should, too). I feel humbled, and at peace, and all because of this…

“…giving thanks always for all things to God the Father…” {Ephesians 5:20}

Giving thanks to God for everything?

So this morning, after I laid the baby down for a nap, after driving back from my husband’s office, after complaining to him in the car and telling all the things I was feeling overwhelmed over this morning, and begging him “I just need permission to be mad when I am so tired….”

After all that… I thanked God that I still don’t get 8 hours of sleep a night. I thanked Him that I don’t even get more than 3 consecutive hours at a time most nights because the cat wakes me up in the middle of the night, the baby loses his pacifier at 5am, and I still get up to pee. I thanked Him that these last 5 stubborn pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for 10 months have stuck around. I thanked Him that Chris and I sometimes argue. I thanked Him for all the little and big things that I feel like are “wrong” with my world, the “bad,” the not-how-I-think-they-really-ought-to-be…

And you know what? With each thing I thanked Him for, Peace filled Discontented’s and Disouraged’s place. There is something about thanking Him for it that made me remember He really IS in control. I am not, and I do not have to try to be.

I’ve thanked God that Eli was colicky, because although the first 6 months were the hardest I’ve ever gone through, I wouldn’t trade all of the uninterrupted time I got holding him for anything.

So do I thank Him that, 11 months ago, I had to hold my tiny 4-week-old down on an x-ray table so the doctor’s could look for bleeding? That Eli was diagnosed with Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance at 5 weeks old? That he was diagnosed with reflux at 2 months old? That he had a reaction to a piece of chocolate a week ago, which means the intolerance might not have cleared up by a year like I was told it should, and now the doctor wants to test him for allergies?

Okay, God.

Thank You. Thank You that you made my baby’s tummy a sensitive one. He has a sensitive heart, too. Thank You. And Thank You, although I don’t understand, for all that we’ve had to go through to have him diagnosed, to get him the food he needed, to understand just a little better how his little body works.

Thank You. Because You do work in everything, and You can redeem anything, and You’ve proven that to me before and I believe You will do it again. So Thank You, for whatever it is that You are working out in all of these things…

{But I’m not going to lie, God. This is not easy.}


3 thoughts on “Giving thanks…

  1. Wonderfully said. I need that reminder. God is working in all things, it’s up for me to find where He is working and join Him. Hmmm some things are just more simple than others.

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