my sweet boy is one year old :)

One year ago…



I love my sweet boy!

Yesterday Eli crawled to me, I picked him up, said “I love you, Eli. Can mama have a kiss?” and you know what? I got a sweet open-mouthed Eli kiss on my face :)

And he started saying “mama” consistently (not just when he really wants out of his crib). Most of the time it comes out “meh-meh” but it makes me all warm inside just the same, ’cause he’s talking about me :)

Feeling … oh, just feeling so many things today! But mostly happy :) And thankful… and wow, God, You’re so good. 

Today I will embark on my first ever let’s-try-to-make-milk-and-soy-free-chocolate-cupcakes adventure.

Did I tell you Eli got into a Crunch bar the other day? (He has good taste, by the way, those are one of my favorites!) He was chomping on it in the wrapper, and I let him because he was teething and it seemed to be giving some relief. I checked every few seconds to make sure the wrapper hadn’t torn, and once I noticed that it did I tried to take it away. Well, he put up a fight… which made me suspicious… and then I saw melted chocolate with little baby teeth marks in it – the bottom of the candy wrapper (which I had apparently not checked) had already torn!

Which is why he will have chocolate cupcakes for his birthday :)

Did you ever realize that almost ALL BAKERS CHOCOLATE, chocolate chips, and such have SOY in them!? Ugh. But not cocoa powder. Melt-down avoided ;)


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