brown paper packages

I can’t think of any better package for a homemade gift, than a homemade box…

No, I didn’t handmake a box from scratch… I used pre-existing ones, pulled them apart and turned them inside out…

… and decorated

I still have some pretty-ing up to do on them, though. I want to add buttons, lace, more paper…
… but I told myself I’d post more “in-progress” stuff because, well, that is the art of it, isn’t it?
That first box held a pair of cute baby socks that were given to me as a shower gift. Can you tell what this next box used to be?
Oatmeal Squares :) (One of Eli’s favorites)
I glued green tissue paper to the inside back of the box, so that you didn’t see the quaker oats guy peering out at you through the heart-shaped hole in the front :) (There was that handy heart on the front of the Oatmeal Squares box, which was very convenient for cutting out a heart-shaped hole)
(I traced the heart-shaped hole on the box onto a piece of red paper and cut that heart out as well, then took a piece of a plastic baggy and hot-glued it to the back side of the paper, then hot-glued the red paper onto the box)
I’ll post finished gift box pictures soon :) Linking up with Jennifer today!

9 thoughts on “brown paper packages

  1. I love to repurpose things into something beautiful and functional – thanks for this inspiration…and I love the blessing, too…in fact I am pinning this so I can find it later…

    Blessings on your day!

  2. This is such a great idea Carissa. That Christmas blessing is beautiful. I love the heart shaped peek-through… that is so cute! I love that you posted progress photos today too. That is the art of it! :)

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