like leaves

Eli and I walked yesterday, and as he fell asleep sitting straight up for the first time ever, I stopped and collected leaves, and thanked God that He has made me like them. Green at first – new, and growing, but clinging. Clinging to all sorts of “branches”.

And then free. And though it feels like falling, it’s really being caught (because how can I not think that God would stop to pick up – or catch – colorful leaves, when He created me to be drawn to do the same?). And then realizing, He’d been there all the time, just waiting for me to let go, to fall, to Him.

And I am golden yellow, living in joy

And I am glowing orange, filled with warmth of peace

And I am blushing red, because I know I am loved

And He is The Branch that I cling to now… free and held safe, all at once…



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