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My husband and I have been working on redoing our master bedroom for a while now (it is not easy to paint with an 11-month-old who wants to do everything you do!). We painted the walls, moved the dresser to the inside of the closet (I am working on moving all clothes to the closet only. Eventually our old dresser will be moved to Eli’s room). We rearranged the furniture. I added some new storage to the bathroom. We rearranged the furniture again, after which we decided the furniture will stay as it is because we want to start loving our bedroom and not be in this in-between-ish phase any longer. And so finally I felt like I could start putting some things on the walls.

You don’t understand… this is a big deal for me. I almost never put stuff on the walls. And if I do, it stays there. Forever. And is never changed. Call it an irrational fear of making a mistake.

Emily Freeman explained it in her book Grace for the Good Girl, and as soon as I read it my heart said “that’s me! Oh my gosh that is me…” She said

“Other parts of life where there are no rules at all, I become irritated and slightly irrational… Perhaps that is why I had such trouble allowing myself to be creative in my house when I was first married: I didn’t know the rules.

Emily Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl

It is scary how true that is of me. It was true when we had our first apartment – I cried over hanging pictures in the wrong place. It has been true recently, too – I cried over buying the wrong duvet cover for our bed. But slowly I’ve begun to realize that not having rules shouldn’t be scary – it should be freeing. Which is why I painted a tree in my son’s bedroom, and why I painted my fridge, and why I painted my kitchen backsplash, why there are a couple of funky-shaped drawers on the wall in my bathroom, why I hung a Max and Ermas bag and some old book pages in my living room…

… and now it is why I taped corkboard on the wall over our bed.

our wall color didn’t come out quite right in the picture… so the color of the corkboard and the wall color goes together a bit better than what it looks like in this picture. Click here to see the paint color.

…and apparently the cat wanted to be in on the photoshoot…

I have two corner floating shelves to hang in the corner… but I’m still trying to figure out what I think about these corkboard squares. Do you like them? Should I pin things to them, leave them blank, try to paint them? Move them to a different wall? Opinions, please! :)

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14 thoughts on “art on the wall

  1. So great you are branching out into scary territory! I really like the cork boards. If it was me, I would probably pin something on them. Even if it’s a photo or cool material. I always like a pop of color.

    • Thanks, Jen! :) I’m so glad you would pin something on them, because that’s what I wanted to do! I like the idea of material – hadn’t thought of that yet :)

  2. Love the corkboard, and I would definitely pin something on them…I actually created a piece (featured in clothpaperscissors) where I used fabric wrapped corkboard and then pinned things (small pictures in this case) through the fabric, and it was made to be changeable, so, as is common for my creative brain, when I wanted something different, I just change the fabric or the picture…

    I love all you are doing!

    Blessings from a fellow (former) rule seeker!

    • Wow, what a great idea to wrap the corkboard in fabric!!! I have some fabric I just bought spur-of-the-moment, too, but haven’t used yet… hmmmm…

      It is nice to know I’m not the only former (er umm… recovering) rule seeker :) Thank you.

  3. I love to hear how you are bravely doing all these wonderful things in your home!! So inspiring! I love the color of your walls. It is just gorgeous. I would love to use a color like that in our home, but we have oak trim everywhere that just doesn’t work with that gray/blue color palette. Even though I love that color! :) I would pin things to the corkboard! I have corkboard that I framed in my studio that I pin all kinds of things to. I need to get some photos taken and share that on my blog!

    • Robin, I am struggling with that now… I feel guilty doing anything that doesn’t directly benefit my husband or son… not that I don’t have “me” time any once in a while, I just feel guilty doing it and feel like I need to have an explanation or reason for everything I do. Is that kind of what you mean?

      • Oh, Carissa, I don’t know why – for sure – I came back here…it was to look at your wall color again I think! And then I read this reply, and I began to think how alike we might be…

        do you sometimes feel “not at home” in your own skin? (like me?)

        I book marked the following post this week…I thought it might be something you would like too…

        If you are following God – and this is something I am learning still – that following him into peace and enjoying activities that He most probably created me to enjoy, isn’t that OK…being Mary instead of Martha in a way?…maybe He created the down time for us to enjoy spending time in what He designed us to enjoy? Maybe this down time is time spent with Him? And if so, doesn’t that validate the time, and doesn’t it “fill us up” to really be there for family? Just some thoughts – I am feeling – as I hear Him speak to me about “Finding Sanctuary”…our art is valuable…after all, He is the ultimate Creator!

        Carissa, you are so special to Him, and even if your “down-time” isn’t traditional quiet time/bible study/ home keeping…I am sure He treasures it…and isn’t that really our aim?

        I Bless you Carissa,daughter of the Most High God, in whatever your hand finds to do, and I bless the work of your hands…

      • Cindy… you have me crying! Yes, I am like you. So much. I am so glad you came back to my blog and responded. I feel God speaking through you…

        I have to say… in our small interactions here in blog-land I keep finding myself thinking “Cindy is someone I’d love to know in real life…” Truly. You are a blessing to me. Thank you.

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